Welcome to the revised Offical site to Star Trek Future Tense, a total convergence MODification for Star Trek Armada. Future Tense promises to be the largest and most complex MOD for Star Trek Armada to present date. Featuring inteligent AI, brand new weapons, huge fleets and a compelling storyline that'll blow every player away. Future Tense is an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game. Each race rather than having the same AI commands, now have insome cases adaptive AI, requiring the player to adapt strategies to different races, and exploit any weaknesses that can be found (Such as Remans have no aft defences, or Sernaix are twice as vunerable to special weapons than others).

Future Tense initally created in August 2002, has become a widely discussed MOD that has spread over various gaming communities and has become one of the most anticipated MODs to date for Star Trek Armada. Sceduled to release Mid 2007. We hope that you enjoy the next chapter in the Star Trek Universe, where the Final Frontier is no longer about Seeking out new worlds, and new civilizations - it is now, only about survival!

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