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Mod Multi Ultimate Mod 4


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Last Updated: November 15th, 2013

Updated 11/22/10

"This is a mod" New Multi main installer 1.0.2 must be installed from this download section before installing this mod.

The majority of the Ultimate Mod 4 ship content is 'as you were' in regards to UM3. One new Federation ship makes an appearance, a non-canon ship I call 'Utopia-class', a modern Sovereign-era Heavy Cruiser, replacing the Galaxy-X class.

The Dominion makes an appearance in this mod for the first time, as promised in the release notes of UM3. The Ferengi have been replaced. All Dominion ships except one are included with the thanks of Siggi (of Ultimate Dominion Mod).

New models for the Federation Outpost and Starbase also appear from UDM2.

Author Details: Dafedz

File Size: 46.5 MB
File MD5: 98ed7253dc55bac316c44952031cfac5

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