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@ thunderchero
« Thu 9:38 am »
Happy Thanksgiving
@ thunderchero
« Sat 1:49 pm »
@simba :  download? install? game play?
@ simba
« Sat 1:40 pm »
Full download not working on Windows 10
@ MikeB
« Wed 11:46 pm »
@ Martok
« Wed 11:31 am »
Ultimate Dominion Mod III (UDM3), All the Ages Mod (AAM), Ultimate Mod 5 (UM5), and Balance of Power (BOP) are the ones I'd recommend the most. No widescreen mod, sorry.
@ acidtwin
« Mon 4:52 pm »
Guys, as someone getting back into this game after so many years, what are the must have mods you would recommend? is there a widescreen mod at all?
« Fri 2:38 pm »
oops thought that was the serach box
« Fri 2:37 pm »
memory leak
@ KrazeeXXL
« Wed 10:20 am »
population support isn't that important when the AI has millions of credits in the late game ;) however, I like the approach to make ships cost more.
@ KrazeeXXL
« Wed 10:18 am »
Iirc tc fixed instant terraforming in ECR mod, prolly in lots of other mods as well. It's definitely been fixed in BoP.
@ matthewrecord
« Tue 10:03 pm »
@Ivanowl I greatly appreciate the input! In my experience in the past, ship maintenance doesn't seem to impact the AI very much. They still maintained fleets that seemed impossible given their population support. Am I mistaken in that impression?
@ Ivanowl
« Tue 5:30 pm »
KrazeeXXL: I did wonder, actually wish instant terraform could be turned off. To stop me using it I always make the cost (and maintenance) of colony vessel excessive
@ KrazeeXXL
« Tue 4:58 pm »
instant terraform is known.
@ Ivanowl
« Tue 4:58 pm »
dferris06: You can use Ultimate Editor to increase the size of the map... and not change anything else keeping it vanilla...
@ Ivanowl
« Tue 4:54 pm »
matthewrecord: two ways to reduce late game slowdown:- 1. Save the game shut it down and restart.. its very leaky with how it uses memory. 2. Down load UE (Ultimate Editor) and use it to increase the cost of building a vessel (I think up to a max of 32,000 units cost) and also increase the cost of owning a vessel (cost per turn) (also limited, but to a max of 250? units) this ensures the AI can't afford to buy/build/maintain vessels so there are fewer. Couple of other things to reduce game slow down: i. in the botf.ini file ensure BORG is set to OFF - this stops hordes of Borg appearing. ii. Increase your cpu speed (expensive!!) iii. Use Ultimate Editor to reduce the % chance of Red Giants been created on you map at the begining of the game (Red Giants turn into empty systems wrecking all the effort you put into build up the system and cause a significant slowdown in the game thereafter)
@ Ivanowl
« Tue 4:46 pm »
Now start the game using your new shortcut. When in the game press F9, F10 or F11 (These will give you more money in units of 10,000 - add to your tech research points (across all the tech's so make sure you have a small % in each one) and F11 shows you the whole map... try not to press F11 it reduces the fun of the game)
@ Ivanowl
« Tue 4:42 pm »
QuickQuick Make a shortcut on your desktop to your Trek.exe file. Right click the shortcut and add "-MUDD" in capitals. Your shortcut should look something like C:\BOTF\trek.exe -MUDD
@ Ivanowl
« Tue 4:40 pm »
Anyone else know this one, or shall I add it to the cheat section of the boards
@ Ivanowl
« Tue 4:39 pm »
Combine a colony vessel with a freighter in one fleet, then terraform... the terraform is Instant...
@ Ivanowl
« Tue 4:38 pm »
Sorry thought this was the search engine... I have a "new" cheat for BOTF that I have been using for years... but have not seen anywhere else
@ Ivanowl
« Tue 4:37 pm »
cheat codes
@ Quick Quick
« Thu 2:58 am »
How do I get the money cheat to work? Any help appreciated
@ matthewrecord
« Mon 5:16 pm »
Does anyone know of a post or a strategy for limiting fleet sizes in BOTF/UM5? I see a lot of posts on making fleets bigger but I'm trying to do something about late game slowdown.
@ igorfakov
« Sat 6:52 am »
opus... not the search box
@ igorfakov
« Sat 6:52 am »
@ dferris06
« Fri 7:07 pm »
Hello, I was wondering if there was a vanilla game version, but with a larger map?
@ adi
« Mon 9:21 am »
True TC, it's just that 24 hours is so long a time when you're having mouse lag :).
@ thunderchero
« Sat 11:34 pm »
message sent. it may take 24 hours before request for mpr++ are answered, we are not here 24/7
@ Valios85
« Sat 3:03 pm »
hi, can someone read my request for testing mpr++?
@ cleverwise
« Sat 2:40 pm »
I am glad the white background didn't disappear. :)
@ thunderchero
« Fri 11:48 pm »
I prefer the star-transparent myself, but gave 2 other options for users who perfer lighter versions. :razz:
@ Flocke
« Fri 3:47 pm »
cool :o
@ adi
« Fri 11:11 am »
yeah, back to star-transparent look; thanks TC!
@ cleverwise
« Thu 11:22 am »
@ thunderchero
« Wed 3:06 pm »
@ thunderchero
« Wed 3:06 pm »
new extension "Precise Similar Topics" added
@ thunderchero
« Wed 3:06 pm »
you can change style with quick style at top right
@ thunderchero
« Wed 3:06 pm »
site updated,

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