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ARMADAFLEETCOMMAND.COM : History of the Domain
Kevin Hurley purchased the www.armadafleetcommand.com domain name in 7-11-2001 but it was around 3 months before that i started the site. Previously the website had been hosted on the free service Tripod (2001). using www.tripod.fleetcommand.com it was going to be a huge Star trek Armada Mod made by me alone. I had posted ships, stations, tools and tutorials i used to create my mod. I finished 3 sides of the mod when www.stamods.de died due to server problems.

There was many people talking about making a new site Star Trek Armada download site. I hade a ton of downloads from  http://www.stamods.de/ and i put them on 3 Tripod sites with works from The Great One, Ben Maxwell, 9 of Nine and several others people. I had no room for mods since they were free 50 mb sites. (I broke tripod rules by having 3 free sites) The site looked like crap since i used there free online building tool.

I had enough money by then to but a ok web program "Trellix Web" which was simple click to add. I was able to make the site look alot better than that crap one i had on Tripod I had to buy a FTP "Cuteftp" since i always used a online upload program for files. I decided to buy the domain www.armadafleetcommand.com July 2001(I thought it be a good name) I got the money for a shared server at the time. I lasted 4 months on that till i violated there over the bandwidth quota 50,000 mb data transfered in a month.

Thanks to STGN for hosting me for several months till i was using to much bandwidth on there server causing them problems. I had no choice but to move to that crappy download server know as "FILE PLANET" and that was a huge mistake. Armada Universe which hosted my site offered me control of Mod Central and wanted me to build from scratch. I took my Star Trek Armada 2 section and put there name on it for there site. It was really my site with there name "Mod Central" on it. After 2 months of asking Chessmess to give access for his chosen staff for mod central team. I was sick of running it my self with them getting all the credit for the site. I told chessmess I quit Mod Central and was only going to run Armada Fleet Command. The other reason for leaving File Planet was many people didn't like downloading from File Planet.

In the end of December 2001,  I took to revamp Armada Fleet Command my own site www.armadafleetcommand.com with the integrated Armada 1 & Armada 2 section back to STGN, all small files were back to STGN under www.armadafleetcommand.com and left all big mods on File Planet.

Chessmess said i could not have a copy of site that was not hosted by file planet and deleted my site & Files from Armada Universe. STGN Could not handle the full mods because of bandwidth problems. That is why I got a dedicated server March 27,2002.  After I got the dedicated server I helped out modders with big mod projects by hosting them for free.

In 2002 i got tired of seeing Birth of the Federation sites going offline so i made a central Site for downloads and forums to keep the community going