Cardassian Union Information

Cardassian Attitude: Secretive/Militaristic Government Diplomacy: Good/Just a front Ships: Decent all round/Slow but maneuverable. Can fire in all directions!(Hint!) Vendettas: Federation and the Klingon's

There government being run by the military, the Cardassian's are interested in one thing and one thing only, conquest. There ships are specially designed to be able to fire in all directions, but the ships are slow. The only reason that the Cardassian's will make an alliance or treaty is if there backing the winning side. As soon as there back is turned they will strike. They don't want a joined victory. They want to do it alone, and become the rulers of the Galaxy. There espionage is the best apart from the Romulan's. The Cardassian's are a cross between the Romulan's, Klingon's, and the Federation.

The Cardassian Union was formed by the civilian Detapa Council 300 years before the Federation came into existence. With the Detapa Council controlling both the military units of the Central Command and the spy network of the Obsidian Order, the Cardassian Union grew strong by gaining territory and technology through war, at the price of several million deaths. Given that before the Union millions of Cardassian's had died due to plague and famine, success through such brutal means seemed to cost no more than life before wars. The Cardassian people, however, were once a spiritual culture, deeply interested in peace. Now, that spiritual past is no longer acknowledged in a society that focuses on military order, discipline and conquest. Races, such as the Bajoran's, who are conquered by the Cardassian's find their worlds strip-mined of all resources in order to support the Union. These actions are seen as acceptable, even efficient, by the Cardassian's.

This military efficiency is a game play advantage, with their ability to rule other races best through subjugation by sonxtucting special structures. The Cardassian's gain a great deal of productivity that other races are unable to do to races they have subjugated. They are also efficient in intelligence operations through the development of structures, and their Star ships have extremely powerful beam weapons and strong hulls.