Ferengi Alliance Information

FerengiAttitude: Greedy/Neutral Diplomacy: Decent/Bribery Ships: Reasonably good. Fast and Maneuverable Vendettas: Klingon's and the Cardassian's

The Ferengi care about to things, Money and there lives (not necessarily in that order, depends on the situation!). A major advantage of the Ferengi is that they can establish trade routes without friendship treaties. This way they can gain a lot of extra income. The Ferengi will only make treaties or alliances if it looks like they will make money out of it. There ships are good all round, but not as good as Federation Ships. But with the economic backing they can replace ships easily. The Ferengi will go to war if they will make money out of it. They will also make peace if they will make money out of it. Basically, the Ferengi will back the winning side. The Ferengi strong point in espionage is stealing money, but there Internal Security could be stronger. Although the Ferengi will be good for beginners I recommend that you get a little experience before using them.

Ferengi personal conduct is influenced by the 285 Rules of Acquisition, first of which is "Once you have their money, you never give it back." these rules were formulated by Gint, who led the Ferengi as the first Grand Nagus nearly 10,000 years ago. The current Grand Nagus oversees the Alliance from the home world of Ferenginar.

By the time a race has encountered them, the Ferengi have already established a financial foothold into that race's territory. Although the Federation did not meet the Ferengi until 2364, the Ferengi had been salvaging Federation property since 2355. The Ferengi like to deal with those races that are unfamiliar with their reputation for greed. First contacts are excellent opportunities to increase their profit by making deals that are favorable to themselves.

Since they prefer the acquisition of financial power rather than that of political or military power, it is easy to underestimate the Ferengi. This focus upon economic interests gives the Ferengi certain game play advantages. They can establish trade routes without treaties and build structures that boost their income. Another advantage is that Ferengi star ships have strong shields and carry several torpedoes.