Klingon Information

Klingon Attitude: Warlike/Honorable Diplomacy: Reasonable. Many trust Ships: Very maneuverable and Fast, Weapons very strong, Aft Shields and Hulls weak/Clocking ability Vendettas: Cardassian's and the Ferengi

The Klingon's are a warlike race and prefer war to peace, but that said the Klingon's are very trustworthy and when they make an Alliance or Friendship treaty or nonaggression Pact it will last unless you do some 'unhonorable' and or show that you are weak. This is why relations between the Federation and Klingon's are so bumpy. The Klingon's ships are extremely fast and maneuverable, and there weapons are very good. A wing of Klingon Scouts can cause quite a bit of damage. The Klingon's people like war, but only when there winning! remember this if your playing the Klingon's. The Klingon's think that espionage is a dishonorable thing to be doing but are prepared to protect them selves from it through internal security. The Klingon's are a very specialized side. There attributes will be better used if you are an experienced player.

By Killing Molor the Tyrant circa 600 A.D. and defeating the Fek'lhri, Kahless the Unforgettable united his fellow Klingon's with his acts of honor and courage. Even now, a clone of Kahless still serves as an inspirational Emperor of the Klingon's, although the government is actually led by the Chancellor, who oversees the Klingon High Council from the Klingon home world, Qo'noS. Forged in war, the Klingon Empire has continued to temper itself through conflict. For Klingon's, strength and honor in battle is all. Some opponents they recognize as honorable, others they consider treacherous. Respect for an enemy's strength can lead the Klingon's to forge a needed alliance. Sometimes the Klingon's fight old allies, Former allies with the Klingon's, the Romulan's struck at Klingon's outposts in 2344 and 2346, respectively. Such situations reinforce the Klingon's belief that the future of their empire rests on battle readiness.

This readiness for battle at any moment is its main game play advantage. The Klingon Empire is quite effective in ground combat. Klingon colony and Troop transport Star ships, unlike those of other empires, are armed for space battle. Their Birds of Prey Star ships can cloak.