Romulans Information

Romulan Attitude: Xenophobic/Secretive Diplomacy: Terrible/Militaristic Ships: Not very maneuverable yet fast/Strong Weapons/Clocking ability Vendettas: Federation and the Ferengi

The Romulan's are the most secretive race in the game, with the Cardassian's coming a close second. There espionage abilities are second to none. They can bring a Race to its knees just through espionage….if used properly. Not many people like the Romulan's but because of them being so power full many people suck-up to them. There ships are fast but not very maneuverable, but they make up for it in fire power. There plasma torpedo's are deadly. The Romulan people aren't really fussy, as long as they are winning. Its not hard to keep them happy. The Romulan's a very specialized in espionage.

To understand the Romulan's, one must look to the planet Vulcan. In the first century A.D. the Vulcan's suffered a series of horrible wars due to their violent and passionate natures. Then came the Time of Awakening, strength of logic and the peace that came with it. Those Vulcan's who rejected Suak's teachings left their home world for the planets of Romulus and Remus, founding the Romulan Star Empire.

Now the Romulan's are governed by a ruler known as the Praetor, who is supported by the Imperial Senate, a parliament led by a Proconsul. The Romulan's military intelligence agency, the Tal Shiar, not only spies on their enemies but also on its own citizens for signs of betrayal. In playing the Romulan's, take advantage of their covert means at undermining their foes. The Romulan's secretly helped foster the Klingon Civil War of 2367, attempted a clandestine takeover of Vulcan in 2368, and have highly placed spies, such as the Federation ambassador T'Pel.

To other races, the Romulan's prefer to remain a mystery. In their first battle with Earth in 2160, the Romulan's kept their appearance hidden from their enemies. By 2266, the Romulan's had developed a cloaking device that rendered their Star ships invisible to enemy sensors. Nevertheless, the Romulan's have entered into military alliances with the Klingon's and with the Cardassian's when these empires shared common foes. The Romulan's reliance upon their military intelligence and their desire to remain enigmatic serve as their major game play advantages. By building special structures, they have effective intelligence operations. Their Star ships, with the exception of Colony and Troop Transports, can cloak and have efficient targeting systems with powerful plasma torpedoes.