Start by going to Birth of the Federation's installation directory (Default is C:botf) and locating trek.exe

Right click on trek.exe and select Sent To > Destkop (create shortcut)

You should now have a "Shortcut to trek.exe" on your desktop, right click and select Properties

Under the Shortcut tab change the Target line to this:

Make sure that -MUDD is OUTSIDE the quotes, capitalized (especially in XP) and seperated from the closing quote by a space!

Under the General tab rename the shortcut to something like "BotF Cheats" and click apply, then ok. (If Apply is grayed out, just click ok)

Now you can either keep the shortcut on the desktop, or if you're like me, move it somewhere else by clicking and dragging the icon to a folder, the start menu, or the Quick Launch toolbar.

You have to use this shortcut every time you wish to play with the cheats enabled

Start the game with the-mudd command line parameter,(case sensitive), to enable cheat mode. Then press one of the following keys during game play:




100% research points distributed between current projects

10,000 additional credits
Full map



To view intermission scenes, start the game with one



of the following command line parameters:





Alliance formed
Planet destroyed
Game lost
Game won