Information on structures

Structures Basic These structures are self-powered but require 10 available units of population to operate. These structures supply empires with five resources:food, industry,energy,intelligence and research. Each basic structure only supplies one of those resources, with the amount varying according to the specific resource, the structure's technology level, planet type and empire type.

Defense Structures Defense structures are structures used to conduct spy operations and, as such,supply intelligence points to empires. Advanced defense structures produce more intelligence per structure. Shadow teams are defense structures for the Cardassian's, databanks for the Federation, data brokerages for the Ferengi, security centers for the Klingon's and Intel centers for the Romulan's.

Development Structures Development structures are buildings that make raw materials into finished products. As such they supply empires and races with industry. Development structures with higher technology levels produce more industry per structures. Industry production is also increased by a population with a positive morale. Assembly yards Are development structures for the Cardassian's, mass Replicators for the Federation,machining guilds for the Ferengi,foundries for the Klingon's and fabricators for the Romulan's.

Energy Structures Energy structures are structures that produce energy to power other structures. Advanced energy structures are able to supply more energy per structure. Fusion plants are energy structures for Cardassian's,plasma reactors for the Federation,power exchanges for the Ferengi, matter furnaces for the Klingon's and Gravitic turbines for the Romulan's.

Food Structures Food structures supply populations with food, allowing empires to increase their population size. The therefore supply empires and races with industry. Advanced food structures supply more food per structure. Hydroponics farms are food Structures for the Cardassian's, automated farms for the Federation, grower's markets for the Ferengi, hunting grounds for the Klingon's and Organics plants for the Romulan's.

Research Structures Research structures explore scientific theories and expand understanding of the universe, as such, they produce research for empires. Advanced research structures produce more research per structure. Research production is also increased by a population with a positive morale. Science centers are research structures for the Cardassian's,universities for the Federation, research labs for the Ferengi, halls of learning for the Klingon's and laboratories for the Romulan's.

Special Structures These structures provide services such as scanning,planetary defense or starship construction. While special structures do not require a population to run, they do require outside sources of energy, such as energy structures, to function.

Dilithium Refineries Dilithium refineries are built in solar systems where dilithium is located. These refineries are crucial in the construction of starships, since without them, it is not possible to use dilithium in building starships. Each empire's home world starts the game with this structure.

Orbital Batteries Orbital batteries are designed to attack enemy ships that attack the solar system the batteries are located in. Multiple orbital batteries work together to defend against invading starships. Until orbital batteries are destroyed, a solar system is difficult to invade.

Scanners Scanners search nearby sectors of space for enemy starships and display their location on the Galactic Map. Enemy starships in unscanned sectors are not shown on the map. Depending upon their technology level. Some scanners might be able to detect cloaked starships.

Shield Generators Shield generators reduce the damage caused by starships bombarding a solar system. These structures also reduce the amount of troops that can be deployed by a troop transport for a ground invasion, making invasions difficult until they have been destroyed.

Shipyards Shipyards are facilities that allow an empire to construct starships. To build them, construction is the require technology field. Each empire's home world starts the game with this structure. A shipyard cannot build starships unless there is sufficient dilithium available. Active shipyards also extend the range of a starship and enhance the rate of repair to damaged starships docked there.

Race specific and Other Structures Depending on the empire you play and the planets that exist in your solar systems, you may have several other structures available to you that enhance the output of system level resources, such as aquiculture centers that can be built on aquatic worlds. These will appear on the Build List when available. Their are structures that are unique to each empire or race. Their benefits, therefore, vary from empire to empire, race to race. These structures can be enhanced versions of basic structures, such as the Utopia Planitia Shipyard, or can provide bonuses to resources, such as the Romulan Astrophysics Academy. Others can train starship crews, such as the Andorian War College, or improve morale, such as the Bajoran Jalanda Forum. Each empire has five race-specific structures it can build, and each minor has one race-specific structure that can be built by an empire that controls it.

Structures every race can build Aquaculture Center Charge Collectors Communications Grid Dilithium Refinery Listening Post Orbital Battery Shield Generator Subspace Scanner Wind Turbines