Large Map Generation Chart and tutorial for UE

First always make backup of trek.exe before starting

Note; if editing other than 800 x 600 resolution you will need to patch the trek.exe with botfrespatch


You also must use  UE 0.7.0dev12 or above.

Before starting decide on Galaxy size you want to use from chart below. This chart will also be used to add new galaxy variables

 Map sizes above 52×39 are unstable and may crashes.



So lets get familiar with new interface for map generation in UE.

open the trek.exe you want to edit.

Select edit/Game/Galaxy Generation


Page 1 of Galaxy Generation

Note examples used is preset 30×22, 40×30, 52×39 galaxies all values

Enter your map sizes in blue area.

DO NOT change order of map sizes when entering values

DO NOT edit values in red area these values auto adjust.

If you only have html file here is link to "" These file make viewing small view much better when sector size set to "25" this is optional


Using chart above add the values from the line that has the galaxy size you are using to the correct box of the green areas.

NOTE: on min empire distance area if value is too large this will cause galaxy hang up when generating galaxy.

NOTE: on avg number of space objects if value is higher than used in chart above other changes would be needed

If larger values are used the irregular galaxy density should be set to 1.0 to allow more systems


next use tab button on bottom right of page 1 and go to page 2

Same as before add values from chart above to green area.

The blue area is user defined.

Max number of minor races has max of 29 for any value.

star/anomaly ratio star ratio should be set to max of 1.0. This would give no anomalies.

The red area will be the hardest area to explain here is post by Gowron

Vanilla values are;

inner arc 1.5

middle arc 1.0

outer arc 0.5

As my personal preference to look of all 3 sizes of spiral galaxy. The setting I used above in image looked the best to me.

But as a rule of thumb double all 3 values then test small changes in s,m,l spiral galaxies. and set to your preference.

Note; During my test if inner and middle are close to same value you get a ring galaxy


Use tab button again on bottom right of page 2 and go to page 3

Same as before add values from chart above to green area.

Save trek.exe then reopen trek.exe and double check values.

That's it you should now be able to play in a galaxy size of your choice.

For any question please post here. Or PM me. thunderchero