Starships are automatically upgraded to the next technological level in between strategic turns. Upgrading occurs when you empire has all the technological requirements necessary for the next level of star ship. All Star ships under construction will be upgraded, with an additional construction cost to be paid before the star ship can be used. The earlier level of star ship will no longer be available at the shipbuilding window. All star ships are also automatically repaired when they are damaged. The rate of repair is determined by where the star ship is located and the experience level of its crew. For instance, star ships at outposts and starbases repair themselves faster.

The experience levels of a starship's crew are green,regular,veteran,elite and legendary (green being the lowest level and legendary being the highest). While only Klingon's can train to legendary,all other empires can reach that level through combat experience. The higher the experience level,the more efficient the star ship in battle and in repair operations.

Colony Ships Colony starships are intended to teraform uninhabited planets. As a result, they have terra forming equipment, but carry no armaments (with the exception of the Klingon colony starships). Although they are medium-range starships, they cannot outmaneuver starships designed for combat and are dependent upon an escort for protection. Romulan colony starships cannot cloak. The Ranol class is a colony starship for the Cardassian's, the Edward for the Federation, the Tomax for the Ferengi, the LI'wI for the Klingon's and the D'retex for the Romulan's.

Command Ships Command-class starships are built to lead Warships into battle and are often the best known starships of each empire. While they have capable weapons systems, they also have better drive systems and navigational arrays to make them more maneuverable in battle. On the Tactical Combat screen, they allow targeting of individual enemy starships. Battleships are included in this classification. All command-class vessels are short-range starships. Romulan command-class starships can cloak.

Raider Ships Raider starships serve as medium-range escort vessels for other,less protected starships, as they combine speed with reliable armaments. Destroyers are considered to be Raider-class starships. Romulan raider-class starships. Romulan raider-class starships can cloak. The Netel class is a raider-class starship for the Cardassian's, the Miranda for the Federation, the Ngort and Tokorn for the Ferengi, the May'Duj for the Klingon's and the D'ridren for the Romulan's.

Scout Ships Since scout starships are designed primarily for exploration,they are long-range starships with more accurate sensors than most other vessels. Romulan scout-class starships can cloak. On the Tactical Combat screen, you can use scout starships to view the statistics for enemy starships. The Nerok class is a raider-class starship for the Cardassian's, the Oberth science vessels for the Federation, the Bronta for the Ferengi, the B'rel for the Klingon's and the D'renet for the Romulan's.

Strike Cruiser Ships Strike cruisers carry large-scale long-range torpedoes, which are powerful enough to destroy and enemy starship with one successful hit. With such effective firepower, these starships are useful for planetary bombardment when attacking an enemy solar system. However, strike cruisers are short-range starships. Romulan strike cruisers can cloak.

Troop Transport Ships Troop transports are intended to follow other combat starships into battle by ferrying troops for planetary combat. Troop transports can also build outposts and starbases. As medium-range starships, they are dependent upon an escort starship for protection since they carry no armaments (with the exception of Klingon troop transports). Romulan troop transports cannot cloak. The Ranol class is a troop transport for the Cardassian's, the London for the Federation, the Tomax for the Ferengi, the ChorghwI' for the Klingon's and the D'retex for the Romulan's.

Warship Ships Warships are designed to perform one function"to destroy enemy starships. Heavy destroyers and heavy cruisers are included in this class of medium-range starships, which are given the best weapons,armor, and shields to carry out their intended task. Romulan warships and Klingon Bird of Pray can cloak. The Neterok and Telok class are warships for the Cardassian's, the Ambassador, Constellation and Galaxy-X for the Federation the Goront for the Ferengi, the K'Vort Bird of Prey and K'Tinga for the Klingon's, and the D'dredar and R'drex for the Romulan's.