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Last Updated: August 3rd, 2015

Armada I / II SOD Exporter V1.5.2 for 3dsMax

The script was developed by Mr. Vulcan for the Armada community.
Original release: January 21, 2012. Current release: June 5, 2014

1. Running the Exporter

Extract the script file(s) to a convenient folder and start up 3dsMax. A convenient folder might be “\scripts” or “\meshes” within the 3dsMax folder. When ready to export your model, click MAXScript --> Run Script... Alternatively, you can drag the script into the 3dsMax window.

Anyone familiar with the use of the SOD exporter for 3dsMax 3,4 and 5 will find that this exporter is backwards compatible with models designed for the older exporter. For additional functionality and other modelling tips when using the SOD Exporter, please see the documentation that is included with the download.

For anyone just starting to use 3dsMax for their modelling, a modelling guide is recommended. The supplied documentation will aid in preparation of your model for export, but is not meant to be a 3dsMax modelling tutorial. You will find the following sections in the documentation explaining the various aspects of the exporter:

1. Version History
2. Running the Exporter
3. Basic SOD Hierarchy
4. Lighting Materials
5. Smoothing groups
6. Texture Materials
7. Command Nodes
8. Animation
9. LOD Control
10. Texture blending modes
11. SOD Viewer Storm3D tips

2. Version History

1.0 Original release:Jan 21, 2012

1.1 Bug fix: Jan 28, 2012
• The default save path name was changed to reflect the 3dsMax installation directory. The save path is now “*\3dsMaxRoot\meshes”
• Texture coordinate vertices are welded upon export. This does not affect the mesh quality, but can reduce the file size considerably. The 3dsMax5 plugin exporter contained this feature
• Armada 2 model hierarchy no longer requires a “root” or “scene_root” node at the top of the hierarchy. This should improve compatibility with existing artwork.

1.2 Bug fix: Feb 11, 2012
• Allow multiple emitters with the same name (e_ename_01, e_ename_02... etc)
• Sprites and emitters can be animated directly without point helpers
• Added rudimentary error handling to the script

1.3 New features: Feb 24, 2012
• Share materials between models and condense material ID’s by enumerating the materials in material editor.

1.4 Bug Fix: Apr 7, 2012
• Fixed an animation export error when using “set key” function.
• Materials that can not be used in Armada are ignored (ie, noise or parametric textures)
• Fixed an error that occasionally occurs when exporting the same model twice
• Other small bug fixes

1.5 Bug Fix: Dec 24, 2012
• Fixed a bug in handling of smoothing/lighting groups.
• Added an extra check on texture face continuity to eliminate dark patches on A2 models
• Corrected an error in the documentation on smoothing/lighting material command node.

1.5.1 Bug Fix: Jan 14, 2013
• Fixed a bug with multiple smoothing groups in the A2 script.

1.5.2 Bug Fix: Jun 5, 2014
• Corrected an error in the documentation on smoothing/lighting material command node
• Adjusted Armada 2 mesh properties to improve lighting materials

3. Credits

The script was developed by Mr. Vulcan with reference to the MAXScript Online Reference, and with the aid of the "Storm3D Object Definition" file produced by Steve Williams of Activision 2000 (c)

Full README and GUIDE is in the download.

Author Details: MrVulcan

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