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Copernicus Station


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Last Updated: June 24th, 2016

This is the Copernicus station from Star Trek the Experience, a show / theme park which was running in Las Vegas until 2008.
Since the show was produced by the makers of Voyager and also Capt. Janeway and the Doctor could be seen on screen I consider this station as cannon.
You can find some additional reference material on the last DVD of the Voyager Season 7 Pack.

In the short movie it depicts a science station in earth orbit, where the federation looks for new defenses against the Borg and their assimilation process.

Well, I liked the station and wanted it in Armada 2.
Throughout the years I got some better and more reference material, so I made this updated and more detailed Version. Or better said versions, I found some pictures showing different versions of the station. One of these alternate versions is included in this file also.

New / Changes / Remarks

The two versions are:

CopernicusV2 the original research station with 24324 polygons
CopernicusV3 the alternate version made as a base-station with 24114 polygons

Both worked fine on my computer, so I think I share them with the community.
I could not test them with a slower / older computer so use it at your own risk. I have no way to find out if it will slow down yours. So use with care.

The Stations

The station have:
10 Hardpoints dedicated to the damage model (HP01 - HP10 in the ODF) running from top to bottom along the center line.
6 external Hardpoints at the top of each satellite for research pods (HP29 - HP34) and 6 pods to go with them.
The 6 research pods I have included are copies of the engine overload pod from Armada2 and will form a nice cupola on top of the satellites.
Their odf´s and build buttons are plain and empty, you have to modify them for yourself.
The SODs are prepared to work either as a base-station or a research station. So you can make your own choice.

According ODF´s are included.

fcopernicusV3 is the file for the base station.
fcopernicusV2 is the file for the science station

Base Station can be scaled larger so the ships are build within the hangar. Change ScaleSOD to the value you need for your ships.


Now that the unlocked importer plug-in has been released, I have to update the conditions under which you can use my models.

You can take my models / meshes and look into them if you want to learn from it.
But have the decency and do not copy and paste.

My work can be used in other persons mods if they give proper credit in the read me, under the condition that this mod stays non commercial and is not uploaded to any form of paysite.

There are only 2 websites where I publish my work.
You may not upload my work to any other website as singular files.

You are not allowed to take my models / meshes change them in any form and re-release them without prior consent.

You are not allowed to use my models in any form of kitbash, neither the model as a whole nor parts of it. I will never allow my work to be misused for that. (I hate kitbashes since they are seldom good / acceptable in quality but mostly butt ugly)

If you want to port my models to any other game and release it, you have to ask for permission first.
I like to know where my stuff is going around


Before Installation open the odf file and check it carefully for compatibility with your own Armada2 version. There may / will be differences to your own modified version.

Check especially the weapons list and the build list for entries which may not be present in your own version of Armada2

Modify the odf file accordingly.

Copy all .tga-files into Armada2 / Textures / RGB
Copy the .sod-file into Armada2 / SOD
Copy the .odf-file into Armada2 / ODF / Stations
Copy the .bmp-file into Armada2 / bitmaps / Admiralslog / Shipimages

Go to Armada2 / techtree
Open and and insert:

fcopernicusV2.odf 0
fcopernicusV3.odf 0

fedpod71.odf 0
fedpod72.odf 0
fedpod73.odf 0
fedpod74.odf 0
fedpod75.odf 0
fedpod76.odf 0

Go to Armada2 / Sprites
Open gui_global.spr
Insert the lines

# Federation build buttons


b_fcopernicusV2 gbcopernicusV2 0 0 64 64
b_fcopernicusV3 gbcopernicusV3 0 0 64 64

b_fedpod71 gbfedpod71 0 0 64 64
b_fedpod72 gbfedpod72 0 0 64 64
b_fedpod73 gbfedpod73 0 0 64 64
b_fedpod74 gbfedpod74 0 0 64 64
b_fedpod75 gbfedpod75 0 0 64 64
b_fedpod76 gbfedpod76 0 0 64 64

# Ship Wireframes


fcopernicusV2w1 fcopernicusV2wf 0 0 170 170
fcopernicusV2w2 fcopernicusV2wf 170 0 170 170
fcopernicusV2w3 fcopernicusV2wf 340 0 170 170
fcopernicusV2w4 fcopernicusV2wf 0 170 170 170
fcopernicusV2w5 fcopernicusV2wf 170 170 170 170

fcopernicusV3w1 fcopernicusV3wf 0 0 170 170
fcopernicusV3w2 fcopernicusV3wf 170 0 170 170
fcopernicusV3w3 fcopernicusV3wf 340 0 170 170
fcopernicusV3w4 fcopernicusV3wf 0 170 170 170
fcopernicusV3w5 fcopernicusV3wf 170 170 170 170

If the line @reference=512 does not exist in your version of gui_global.spr copy it also.

So that it looks like this:

# Federation wireframes


fcopernicusV2w1 fcopernicusV2wf 0 0 170 170
fcopernicusV2w2 fcopernicusV2wf 170 0 170 170
fcopernicusV2w3 fcopernicusV2wf 340 0 170 170
fcopernicusV2w4 fcopernicusV2wf 0 170 170 170
fcopernicusV2w5 fcopernicusV2wf 170 170 170 170

Have fun Shadow.

Author Details: Shadow

File Size: 4.7 MB
File MD5: 1b6f39c6b40743e7f551b514ef7f044d

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