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Last Updated: June 24th, 2016

Here are my two versions of the Unity Station. It is not a port of the Star Fleet Command 3 model that you probably know about.

I created two whole new meshes and textures for this station. These meshes were created along the models that were used to make the intro movie of the game and the Klingon ending. Both are more detailed.

I spend quiet some time to go through the movies / cut scenes to get as much detail as possible.
In doing so I realized that I was looking at different versions of this station.

The first version used in the intro movie (fedunity) is more leaning towards a federation styling and uses more of the lighter texture. It misses also some sensor arrays.

The second version used in the klingon ending (fedunity_k) is looking darker leaning to a more klingon styling. It has the additional sensor arrays.

New / Changes / Remarks

With these stations / textures I tried to get the scaling right so it fits the TNG- era ships, but well it is Armada2. To give you an idea: one of the outriggers on the satellites is according to the scaling in the intro movie as long as a Klingon Negh’Var. So the model is scaled a bit smaller in game, but I think it is a good compromise.

Contrary to the old SFC3 model, the meshes have light maps.

The SOD file fedunity has 15838 polygons fedunity_k has 16302 polygons.

Since they run perfectly on my computer I think that is no problem.
I cannot guarantee that slower / older systems will use it without problems.
But if you can run the Fleet Ops Mod on your system without problems you should be able to use this station.

But again: If you have an older system / graphics card be careful

For a simple test: Install the high res texture only and load the sod file in the Storm 3D viewer. Then press F1 running the Viewer and let the station rotate for some time. If that works smoothly without any glitches you should be on the save side. But again no warranty.

Viewer is available here:

No borg textures are needed, the sod-files now have borg nodes. The necessary texture for the nodes is included within the texture files of the station.

With this package you get texture files in 3 different resolutions / sizes.

Main file: High res, 1024x1024 size

Mid res file: 512x512 size

Low res file: 256x256 size

You can install all three textures as they are, if you want Armada2 to use them according to its LOD (Level of Detail) settings. So the game will switch automatically between texture resolutions depending on the distance to the station. So the fadeout in the distance will work.

If you are a neat freak like me and want to create high quality screenshots and have a system that can handle the large texture files without glitches, you can install just the High res file for the screenshots and the low res file for the fadeout of the station.

If you use the high res texture only you can see the station for a very long distance on the map, thus creating a higher and unnecessary work load for the graphics card in game.

If you have an older system / graphics card or your graphics card cannot handle large textures properly (lagging), I recommend that you just install the mid res and the low res textures. In doing so you will have to rename the mid res texture.

From: fedunity_1.tga to fedunity.tga

But in doing so the station will loose greatly in quality if you are a neat freak, but with the mid res texture the station will look sufficiently good also.

I experienced no problems (excessive lagging for example) but cannot guarantee otherwise. So you have been warned.


Now that the unlocked importer plug-in has been released, I have to update the conditions under which you can use my models.

You can take my models / meshes and look into them if you want to learn from it.
But have the decency and do not copy and paste.

My work can be used in other persons mods if they give proper credit in the read me, under the condition that this mod stays non commercial and is not uploaded to any form of paysite.

There are only 2 websites where I publish my work.
You may not upload my work to any other website as singular files.

You are not allowed to take my models / meshes change them in any form and re-release them without prior consent.

You are not allowed to use my models in any form of kitbash, neither the model as a whole nor parts of it. I will never allow my work to be misused for that. (I hate kitbashes since they are seldom good / acceptable in quality but mostly butt ugly)

If you want to port my models to any other game and release it, you have to ask for permission first.
I like to know where my stuff is going around


Before Installation open the odf file and check it carefully for compatibility with your own Armada2 version. There may / will be differences to your own modified version.

Check especially the weapons list and the build list for entries which may not be present in your own version of Armada2

Modify the odf file accordingly.

Do not be astonished about the long weapons list in the odf. The station is meant to stand up to a dominion fleet on my system.
I have seldom seen the game using them all.

Also I want to avoid phasers passing through a station, looks a bit strange.
If you do not like it change it


Copy all .tga-files into Armada2 / Textures / RGB
Copy the .sod-file into Armada2 / SOD
Copy the .odf-file into Armada2 / ODF / Stations
Copy the .bmp-file into Armada2 / bitmaps / Admiralslog / Shipimages

Go to Armada2 / techtree
Open and and insert:

fedunity.odf 0
fedunity_k.odf 0

Go to Armada2 / Sprites
Open gui_global.spr
Insert the line

# Federation build buttons


b_fedunity gb_fedunity 0 0 64 64
b_fedunity_k gb_fedunity_k 0 0 64 64

# Ship Wireframes


fedunityw1 fedunitywf 0 0 170 170
fedunityw2 fedunitywf 170 0 170 170
fedunityw3 fedunitywf 340 0 170 170
fedunityw4 fedunitywf 0 170 170 170
fedunityw5 fedunitywf 170 170 170 170

fedunity_kw1 fedunitywf_k 0 0 170 170
fedunity_kw2 fedunitywf_k 170 0 170 170
fedunity_kw3 fedunitywf_k 340 0 170 170
fedunity_kw4 fedunitywf_k 0 170 170 170
fedunity_kw5 fedunitywf_k 170 170 170 170

If the line @reference=512 does not exist in your version of gui_global.spr copy it also.

So that it looks like this:

# Federation wireframes


fedunityw1 fedunitywf 0 0 170 170
fedunityw2 fedunitywf 170 0 170 170
fedunityw3 fedunitywf 340 0 170 170
fedunityw4 fedunitywf 0 170 170 170
fedunityw5 fedunitywf 170 170 170 170

Have fun Shadow.

Author Details: Shadow

File Size: 5.5 MB
File MD5: 9c0431e88e8c9bf2cad85d457b676b0d

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