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Good old Danube


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Last Updated: January 23rd, 2017

"Good old Danube"- Mod by Ali

(German language readme is included in the download)

Elements of my mod:

All 4 construction ships can build a headquarter (11. element in the buildmenu).
That headquarter can build a Danube class ship (Runabout) and all 4 standard construction ships.

All big stations are sized to 4*4.
There are 2 types of galaxy class ships. One which can fire phasecloaked, but it is very weak. The other one is a little less powerful than a cube.
The weak galaxy needs 4000 officers.

There is a special officer headquarter. You have only a few seconds to build it (techtree file). Therefore you can only have a few galaxy class ships, which can fire phasecloaked. Therefore you have to build both types of galaxys. More variety.
The sensor station can transwarp and phasecloak. It builds the 'receaving station'. (Blueprints for the officers headquarter). The sensor station is a 'ship'. It can't be decommissioned, it has to be selfdestroyed. Soon as you build a receaving station, all your old officers headquarters will be blown up. Otherwise you could build a massive amount of phasecloaking galaxys.

The scout is a mix between Venture and Shrike.
Turret2 has no torpedos. It has the holding beam (range 800 - only fixing the ship, because no crew) and tricobalt torpedos (range 1000 - can only fire every 60 seconds).
Phasecloakingdevice can be researched two times. 1.) For stations, 2. For ships.

The Runabout has a short ranged transwarp drive.
The Plasmacanon can fire 3 times in a row, you don't need a target. You have to click 3 times. The ship fires in viewing direction.

In my opinion the mod is well balanced. I have tested it extremely, but there can still be a bug. In this case, or if you have a suggestion, please email me at (you can find my email at the end of the credits in the zip-file).

Standard starting units:
Same as before, but also:
- a 3. construction ship from the beginning race
- a Danube-Headqarter (5. race)
- 2 Danube construction ships

boarding strengths are:
romulan: 0.75
federation: 1
danube: 1.4
klingon: 1.5
borg: 1.75

There is a map:
8 players
size 66*66 (64*64 playable)
There is an asteroid belt at the corner. You can use the place behind it as a refugium, if all else fails.
There are some X on the map. The ideal position for the sensors to transwarp to.
The map is full of holes like swiss cheese. You can build walls, if you want, but you can also fly to everywhere (except the corners).

In the end:
Modding is not about creating ships, it is about creating fun! 😉

Hope you enjoy it!

Use at your own risk!

1.) Install Armada 1
2.) Patch it to 1.2
3.) Copy the content from the folder "in den Armada-Ordner hineinzukopieren" into the main directory of Armada 1.
4.) Playing, playing, playing.
5.) Oki-doki, blow them up!

Author Details: Ali

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