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Last Updated: November 15th, 2013


This patch will fix most errors on 95/98/ME/XP. This patch should fix most errors.


noting happens when the game should start

You want to start the game, but nothing than a small logo appear and vanish

Thats a incompatibility with the safedisk protection

appears on w2k+sp2 and up


You`re botf version assumes the wrong language

strange values in botf

You patch your botf, but then you got strange values in botf

difficulty-setting tell you "Not Available"

Thats a incompatible between trek.exe and lexicon.dic

you`r trek.exe is 1.768.960 bytes long and not 1.781.248 bytes

The problem is trek.exe refering to lexicon.dic

which is includet into stbof.res

for values used in botf.

The original patch from MPS dos`nt patch stbof.res too

to fix lexicon.dic.

They only copy trek.exe over your`s and leave lexicon.dic unpatched so the new trek.exe look on a different possion from lexicon.dic to display a value.

Cardassians without cloak

credit Bigmac57

A patch-bug

Anyway, the bug is in the menu for the cloak button when playing the Cardassians. The v1.2 patch DOES NOT fix this bug. The v1.1 patch did, but that is no longer available.

no movies on XPsp2

Microsoft patched the file iccvid.dll

the decompressor for Cinepak codec

in Sp2.

So placed iccvid.dll from XPsp0 into botf

Joker has updated his patch so to now works with XP sp3 and limited but untested on vista.

Author Details: Joker

File Size: 3.4 MB
File MD5: ad809a4c097e3557154696f36ca3478a

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