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1) 3dsMax SOD Exporter Script
Armada I / II SOD Exporter V1.5.2 for 3dsMax The script was developed by Mr. Vulcan for the Armada community. Original release: January 21, 2012. Current release: June 5, 2014 1. Running the Exporter Extract the script file(s) to a convenient folder and start up 3dsMax. A convenient folder... View More Details
2) 3dsMax SOD Importer Script
Thank you for downloading the SOD Import scripts for 3dsMax. The scripts were developed by Mr. Vulcan for the Armada community. Contact: tpankov (at) yahoo (dot) (ca) Original release: August 27, 2013. Current release: August 30, 2013 WARNING!! Use responsibly! Modding communities are ... View More Details
3) Ambassador Class
Anyone who has seen TNG episode "Yesterdays Enterprise" will remember this class of ship as being the Enterprise "1701-C". It is also the only Enterprise named ship to have a women as her captain. View More Details
4) Dominion Virulent Class
Very little is known about this ship but it is thought to be well armed and acts as a light cruiser. View More Details
5) Kerchan Class
Emmense in size and power the Kerchan, is the new replacement for the ageing D''Deridex Warbird. View More Details
6) Constituton Class REFIT
Constitution Refit by Captain Fingers View More Details
7) R''Nierrh Class
As an attempt to answer the new Defiant Class the Romulans attempted to create their own dedicated heavy destroyer, and this is the result. View More Details
9) Andor Class by Major A Payne
Federation Andor Class by Major A Payne View More Details
10) Defiance Class
Since the introduction of the Defiant Class many sub classes have been introduced in an effort to increase the strength of the escort type of combat vessel, and the Defiance is the latest in this long line. View More Details

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