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1) A I O Complete Mod
Adds more ships, new stations and improves game play, works great on windows 98/ME/2000/XP View More Details
2) A1 Master CrossOver Mod v1.0
Armada 1 Master CrossOver Mod is based on the Armada 1 STvsSW (star trek vs star wars) mod made quites ome time that mod you had the choice of playing as the Federation, Klingon, Galactic Empire, or Rebel Alliance. in my mod you have the options to play as: Federation, Klingon, Romulan, B... View More Details
3) Armada patch 1.2
here u go patch 1.2 for Armada 1 View More Details
4) Millennium Project 1.9SE
Adds tons of new ships and stations View More Details
5) Star Trek vs. Star Wars Mod by Jc
The popular Star Trek versus Star Wars mod for Armada 1!!! This mod is the best mod out there for Armada 1!!! View More Details
6) Armada Patch 1.1
Fixes game errors. View More Details
7) Dark Alliance 2 Version 1.2
Excelent mod with new ships & station. View More Details
8) Armada Restoration Project
Thank You for downloading - Armada Restoration Project Please keep your toung inside your mouth at all times & we hope you enjoy INSTALLATION - Note - There is a way to have Normal Armada & Modded! (Adv. Installation) - Basic - Step 1 - Double click & follow instructions - 1a - Say Yes... View More Details
9) Babylon 5 V3.13
Almost a year ago, an inexperienced modder, calling himself Wraith, announced to the world that he would create a Babylon 5 mod for a new but buggy game engine. The community ignored him, and after a month of hard work, the young modder decided that a change was in order. 5 months and 3 projects ... View More Details
10) ODF Files
Lets you mod all ships and station. View More Details

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