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1) Birth of the Federation Mod
This Mod is only hosted on AFC and Author site. BOTF - An all eras mod for StarTrek Armada II. Experience the lauch of the NX-Enterprise and journey through time. Bringing the future to the 21st century... View More Details
2) Babylon 5 Armada 2
A total conversion modification to the game Star Trek: Armada 2 which replaces the Star Trek races with races from Babylon 5. The races added are: The Earth Alliance, Minbari, Narn, Cantauri, Rangers, League of Non-Aligned Worlds, Shadows, and Vorlons. This mod also incorporates an "Order/Chaos" t... View More Details
3) Vengeance mod
this mods adds 6 new races : maquis, dominion, breen, new republic, empire and andromeda, and adds new units to all and new research items to a few races. it has new models for almost any cannon trek ship to replace that original crap. it also changes some more, for example the borg combat ships do... View More Details
4) Shockwave Mod
Shockwave mod consists of 9 playable races including the Dominion, Breen and the Gorn.It features many special weapons.You must use these to defeat the superior forces of the Borg and the Dominion.After 14 months of work I give you the first installment of Shockwave for you to play.None of the model... View More Details
6) Star Wars: Fleet Command 1.1 full version
This mod basically takes the 2 SW sides from ST vs SW and gives you the FULL SW Sides, yes that means SSD's and Super Laser Turrets and some new ships you've not seen before. There are NO ST races in this mod, it is purely Imperial vs New Republic. The mod is specifically designed to work with the S... View More Details
7) BattleStar Galactica
Hello fellow modders 2.5 years ago i started a mod for armada 2 and the plan was to make 2 races1 the colonial's and 1 the cylon's. But after 6 months somthing happend and i stopped moddifying the mod.. and its still in that state after 2 years. Last month i finaly got to see the 2 new films abo... View More Details
8) Borg Incursion 2 Final mod
This is the full version of the mod, check out read me for all info on this mod. Tons of new ships and stations. View More Details
9) Andromeda Mod
This is a converstion that brings the Andromeda fleet to life. A whole fleet of ships. View More Details
10) Concept Future
This mod will over-write the federation side, replacing it with new, more futuristic ships, this mod includes a new starbase, new shipyard, Norway Class, Nova Class, Wells Class, Intrpid Armour, Prometheus Class, Opaka Class, Kaleb Class and others. This mod takes place nine years after Janeway ret... View More Details

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