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lightmaps not working

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:32 pm
by Cmndr_Parker1
I know how to do lightmaps in 3ds max, but it has been about a year since I did one. I decided last year to get a couple of the races I was doing for the mod actually modeled and I would come back later and node and finalize them. Well later is now, and I have about 30 meshes that I need to node, lightmap and export to SOD. The problem is that I started converting my meshes to SOD with 3DS Max 8, but the Lightmaps aren’t working. I did it just the way I remembered, no luck. Then I reviewed westworld’s big book of modding and it seems that I am doing it right. But I can’t get it to work. I then tried to export the mesh with MilkShape 3D. I used the “!Phong_material” tag and it rendered perfectly in storm 3d. So its not a problem with my textures (made with paintshop pro eight), or storm 3d. It has to be something I’m doing wrong with max. You might ask why I just don’t use Milkshape 3D. Well, half of my meshes have some type of animation that requires them to be done in max. Besides, its easier to turn nodes in max than in milkshape.
Anyway....I have a detailed account of my process to review for anyone who wants to help. Its located here:

3ds max 5 lightmap

I'm need to solve this quickly, so I made it almost a step by step description of what I'm doing so their is no confusion. I hope someone can pinpoint my error.