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Post by jetnova16 » Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:23 pm

MrVulcan wrote:Don't give up just a few steps from the finish line :P

The reason that some SODs appear as boxes (SOD off box) is most likely due to misnamed joints. Make sure that the spelling is right for all mesh joints.

More importantly, if you have any sprites or plasma emitters, those must be properly defined in emitter.spr (or whichever other spr file). First thing to try is to delete any sprites and emitters that the model has.
I'm not really giving up, I got what I needed to do done with saving them as A1 SOD files, its just the ones that that isn't working for and don't work as A2 SOD files either.

I can attempt to fix the one ship that is showing up as a White Box with the Red Bug though with what you have suggested.

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