Planet Textures Help Please! (Armada 2)

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Planet Textures Help Please! (Armada 2)

Post by edwardstpowell »

Hello Everyone,

I am having some difficulties in trying to texture some planets for use in Star Trek Armada 2, but unfortunately the textures don't appear and the planet or mesh comes up white/blank. Does anyone know how to fix this please, or am I doing something wrong?
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Re: Planet Textures Help Please! (Armada 2)

Post by shadow »

Just assuming that you installed everything properly, I guess that it is a glitch or typo in naming.

Just an example: The name of the SOD / OGF and TGA files have to be the same.
The planet in this example uses 2 Textures therefore the numbers.



Also check if you are using the proper format for the texture. It has to be in tga format.
Perhaps you just saved the texture in a different format.
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Re: Planet Textures Help Please! (Armada 2)

Post by MrVulcan »

The TGA texture doesn't have to share the odf/SOD name. It is specified inside of the SOD file (which you can't easily edit). So, if you downloaded any kind of model (planet, ship, etc), you can edit the SOD and odf names, but don't change the TGA.

Also, the planet has other textures for things like atmosphere, cities, borg (I think.. can't recall for A2 excactly). All of those must be present in the textures folder.
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