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Post by Spectre »

It would help if you describe what happens, or even better take a screenshot and paste it
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Post by Elrond »

A lot of errors could be present. This would most likely be in the odf files (in the odf folder in your game's folder). Are you familiar with the map editor? It can be installed from your Armada II CD. This tool can be used to make maps, but I found another use for it. In going through the various menus in the map editor (by using the F1-F12 keys), you can search through ship and station listings (this allows one to be able to add units to a new map). In this case, you could go through the menus until the editor crashes - it could crash when you select a certain Borg menu listing or place a certain unit on the map. This may help you narrow down which unit(s) are giving you the problem. Of course, the mapeditor may just crash before you get to it.
The last best alternative is to go to any odf file in the odf/ships or odf/stations folder to go through any file that starts with 'b' which means borg and then open these files in a text editor (notepad or textpad). I hope you have experience in editting odf files. Fret not if you don't - a download available on this site is Westworld's Big Book of Modding - search through the downloads section. There are many problems in an odf file you may encounter - these occur mostly with files that the odf files refer to (usually other odf files). A file reference is something an odf file uses to refer to other existing data. The #include statement at the top of most ship and station odf files as well as other odf files is a file reference. The file in the double quotes is that reference. If that file doesn't exist, or contains invalid data itself, this will cause the game to crash. The same goes with weapon names.
Take for instance:
weapon01 = "grscimcloaken"

weapon01 is the first weapon your ship or station uses. The grscimcloaken is the example I'm using as a weapon name. This is the filename of a special weapon, but it could also be the name of a weapon such as fc1phot. The extension .odf is not required for weapon file reference, as you see above with grscimcloaken. If the weapon in quotes does not exist, the game will crash. If the weapon in quotes has invalid data itself, the game will crash. There are other references that are in quotes, such as the physicsFile = "filename.odf" line. One thing that will cause a crash is if your odf file has a missing or extra quotation mark. The ship names are also in quotes - ignore these names - the number and presence of quotation marks is important.

Take this example (which is correct):
possibleCraftNames = "Borg Cube X01" "Borg Cube X02"

Notice that all names are separated by spaces and are contained in double quotes. Now, look at an example which will cause the game to crash:

possibleCraftNames = "Borg Cube X01 "Borg Cube X02"

Notice the missing quote mark after X01.

Here's another bad one:

possibleCraftNames = ""Borg Cube X01" "Borg Cube X02"

That is an instance where there is an extra quote mark.

Well, for more info, Westworld's Big Book of Modding can help. It's big, as the title indicates. It takes a while to go through.

Good luck and welcome to! 8)
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