the reman scemitar

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the reman scemitar

Post by rufus »

i got this new ship from this site...the reman scemitar for armada 1 shows up in the shipyard but as soon as it is built the game crashes.....??
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Post by CaptSyf »

There's most likely a " missing somewhere in the files you added.
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Post by Elrond »

Yep - most common problem with putting a ship in the game - it crashes. There can be many reasons for this. I need to ask you, how much modding experience do you have (like editting odf files and stuff like that)? I ask because what I will need to tell you is something you will need some modding experience with.

Here are possible causes:
01) The ship may have an odd number of quotation marks ("), for instance in the possibleCraftNames = line: an example of bad lines would be:
possibleCraftNames = "Scimitar "Gladius"
possibleCraftNames = ""Scimitar" "Gladius"
possibleCraftNames = Scimitar" "Gladius"

Each have quotation marks in the wrong place or not present at the right place or too many marks. For each name, there must be two quotation marks!

02) The ship may be (and probably IS) referring to a bad or non-existant weapon odf file. I'm not as familiar with Armada 1 since I haven't played it for a LOOONNNNGGGG time, but if the weapons file the ship is referring to does not exist, then the game will crash. If the weapon goes under a different filename than the one listed in your ship's weaposn list, then the game will crash. If the weapon your ship refers to exists, but has invalid data in it, the game will crash. Some weapons use new sprites (placed in a weapon.spr file). If one or more of your weapons uses a sprite that hasn't been defined in the weapon.spr file in the sprites folder, then the game will most certainly crash.

03) Well, here's one that doesn't make Armada 2 crash, but I'm not sure about A1. If the physics file your ship refers to (in the line in your ship's odf file labeled, physicsFile =...) a non existing file or one that is invalid, the game may crash or the ship just won't move an inch!

These are the things you may need to know going into your ship's odf file. If everything seems alright with the ship's odf file, then it is most likely a weapons file that is bad or doesn't exist. Try remming out the weapons lines and see what happens (remming out a line would mean putting two forward slashes before the weapons lines - that's the slashes that look like this: //

Then, if nothing works out, the odf file may be referring to a bad or non-existant physics file. Or you may have to again check for missing or extra quotation marks in your ship's odf file. If remming out the weapons lines worked, then you will go ahead and start adding the weapons back on the ship by taking the two forward slashes away from the first weapon (and the ones before weapon1 hardpoints). Keep doing this until you find a file reference that doesn't work. This weapon will be the one that doesn't work. Note that you can also go through every weapon file on the scimitar's odf file, and that may be quicker as you won't have to go into the game everytime you do something.

Now, when you find which weapons file reference is bad, look for the file that is referenced. If it's not there, then that's why it crashed - you may have no choice but to rem out that weapon reference. But if it is there, then there may be a problem with the sprite in the weapons file or the ordinance file that the weapon refers to (if applicable). If the ordinance reference on the weapon is wrong (like if the ordinance file doesn't exist or if it references itself), then that would certainly cause the game to crash. Go through what I said above if you haven't yet and see if this works. Also refer to Westworld's Big Book of Modding for more info - I think it can be downloaded on this site or Good luck dude! :)
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Post by Phantom »

yes well - erm

Check to make sure the weapons are intact and alive :)

When ships crash when they come out of the bay, it usually means it's weapons are incorrectly spelt for example like: grclock instead of grcloak

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Post by pepperman »


check your private messages. I sent you a possible fix.


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scimitar shields

Post by whohaw15 »

u know the shields on the a1 scimitar with the primary and secondary. well i was wondering if anyone has gotten it to work for a2. because i tried and failed. thanks
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Post by Twitch »

I have found that extra spaces between HP listings in the hardpoint list- not the individual weapons list- will do that also.
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