Where are the shields

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Where are the shields

Post by Dell » Tue Oct 19, 2004 11:38 am

Where can i find how strong a ships shields are.
In a ships odf I found health, but i think this is the same as the hull integrity. So where do I find shield setting??

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Post by Janeway » Tue Oct 19, 2004 12:31 pm

the shield stettings are in the ships ODF file called ,

#include "colony.odf"


//Race which can build ship & starting race of ship
race = "cardassian"

//Name of Ship class in Ship Display window & in edit mode & tooltip
unitName = "Colony Ship"

tooltip = "CARD_COLONY"
verboseTooltip = "CARD_COLONY_V"

//Amount of time required to build ship
buildTime = 30.0

//Number of officers required to build this ship
officerCost = 4

//Number of crew required to build ship & Starting crew
crewCost = 100

//Dilithium Cost to build
dilithiumCost = 400

//Metal Cost to build
metalCost = 50

//Max Shield Strength & Begining Shield Strength <500
maxHealth = 250

the red thing is the shield stetting.

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Post by CptBenSisko » Tue Oct 19, 2004 2:47 pm

Not true..there are a bunch of hidden commands and maxShields is one of them...maxhealth can be used for hull and shields...but maxShields is better...I have all of my ships using the maxShield command. It gives the impression that the ship is protected from outside threats and when the shields give out, the hull takes direct damage.

//Hull/Ablative Armour Strength
maxHealth = XXXXX
curHealth = XXXXX
healthRate = XXX.X

//Max Shield Strength & Begining Shield Strength <500
maxShields = XXXXX
curShields = XXXXX
shieldRate = XXX.X
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Post by Elrond » Tue Oct 19, 2004 2:48 pm

There is also a setting that is used in some ship odf files called maxShields. maxHealth is sufficient and usually stands for both shields and hull integrity (odf files with just maxHealth define a ship with the same strength for shields and hull integrity). This means that shields are the same strength as the maxHealth unless specified otherwise by a maxShields command. For instance, if you have a odf file where there is no maxShields and the maxHealth is set at 250, then the shields are also at 250. If in this same file, you add another line that says, maxHealth = 500, then the shields will have a power of 500 and the hull integrity will have a power of 250 (given maxHealth = 250).

maxHealth = 250
maxShields = 500

The above can be any integer or floating point number. In a file with the above settings, the ship would have 250 hull integrity after the shields are down. But the shields at full strength are 500 in strength.

maxHealth = 250

The above is a file without the maxShields command. This ship would have a shield and hull integrity of 250.

Hope this all helps!

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