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Posted: Tue May 10, 2005 11:48 am
by Elrond
Here's mine:

1) Ghost's Compilation Mod - some ships I have removed or added to it.
2) MajorPayne's Excalibur models - just sooo cool!
3) Prometheus-X
4) Premonition-X
5) Three construction ships.
6) Seven ship yards, dynamic techtrees for each - not all can be used on one map unless you use supertech.
7) Enterprises from NX to NCC-1701-M.
8) Many Borg units that I have made (Super Fusion Cuboid, Ultra Fusion Cuboid), Super Fusion Cube, Queen 0001's Unimatrix, Queen 0001's Cube.
9) Some Borg units that Andrew_of_Borg created - like the Dominator, Cuboid, and Fusion Cuboid (I helped hardpoint the last two).
10) Added Species 9341 to the lineup. They are not a separate race - just map units or special units that may be used in special missions.
11) Every stock Borg ship has been replaced. Some stock Borg stations still exist.
12) Most Federation ships and stations have been replaced.
13) Odf files I have balanced again and again to provide a more 'canon' feel to the game.
14) Dynamic weapons systems (weapons that look different).
15) The Romulans have many new ships - a few that I have made.
16) The Klingons also have a few good ships - but I need to create a lot more for them.
17) The Cardassians have been given the Darnax, Hutet, Hybrid ship, and Korinar Class. They also have the Headquarters station.
18) Borg Unimatrix for Queen 0002 (the regular Borg queen that leads the Borg collective).
19) The Elven race - fully completed. All AIP's, techtrees, weapons sprites, models, odf's, etc, are complete. Most is classified.
20) The Universal Conquerers - half-completed. Very vicous and tough race to fight. Harder than the Sernaix to fight!
21) Stuff I can't quite remember at the time - there's so much in the mod that I can't remember what I've done half the time. Weapons pods, dynamic techtrees, AIs that actually work right, retexturing of any stock units, new hardpoint system, carefully-thought-out odf system, etc.
22) Last October, I added the 1.1 patch to my mod - manually!!! I did this mostly so that I could 1) be able to remove the interface when taking screenshots and 2) to be up to date, simply!

Posted: Tue May 10, 2005 12:31 pm
by Numbazix
1. Constitution Refit by Capt.Fingers
2. Ambassador
3. Akira by 9 of 9.
4. Excelsior by 9 of 9.
5. Galaxy
6. Premonition
7. Ulysses
8. Steamrunner
9. fbase/fbaseHQ/spacedock
10 Super Cube
11 Super Sphere
12 Davinci Borg Base
13 D7
14 K'tinga
15 RbattleC
16 Rbop

and assorted other craft, special additions to turrets, etc. Still working and modifying and having fun. If I hadn't lost the hard drive a few days ago I'd be one helluva lot happier. :!:

Posted: Tue May 10, 2005 12:43 pm
by draconis_sharp
Here's some stuff in my personal mod.

Re: What's in your personal mod?

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 5:11 pm
by limon36
Well have personal mod but it is make of all the mods that you guys made. But I do make Textures and my own odf file on top of your mods lol!! Yes I have a race that is a Terran Empire but not crash proof!!