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Armada Files Modding Contest

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 1:50 pm
by jolt
Hello guys. Now, some of you *may* know that Armada 2 Files is coming to its 5th birthday, so I decided to set up a modding contest in celebration. There is already one entry in and a few more in the works, but I thought it was about time all you guys over here knew about do have some of the best modders in the community, so it makes sense I think. Anyhow, the following is all you need to know. If you have any questions, I'll be about to be contacted or feel free to use this thread for discusion, that's what it is here for. There are also other entry WIP's on GamingForums and Majestic's forums (which you all know the links to, of course).

Modding Contest – Prize = The winner, acclaimed in status of being the constructor of the Armada II Files Flagship!
-The contest is very simple. It can be for any of the Star Trek (keeping to the roots of the game) Alpha Quadrant races. However, it's not quite THAT simple, it never is. You have a set of requirements, as decided by me, on making this ship. Whilst the size of each is entirely up to you, you must include them and have a working ship by the end of it (bonus points awarded to those mods which have ALL the works, such as build-buttons, not just a SOD, textures and working ODF). So, what are these requirements, you ask?

- Must have 2, 3, 4 or 5 nacelles. No more, no less. Bonus points awarded to those who use a more interesting choice of those amounts AND pull it off well.
- Must have at least 1 assault cannon on the ship model that is visible. (My idea is a big-stinking gun that stands out; of course it doesn't have to be quite as noticeable)
- Must be able to fit into the TMP-TNG time period (say, up to and including Nemesis).
- Must be of a grand design. Whilst we do love the good destroyer and scout ship, we want something that can truly represent the site, so cruiser upwards should be your thinking.
- Aim to keep poly counts 2500 or lower. Bonus points awarded to those that can keep to this.
- Entrants can submit more than 1 ship for the competition if they wish.
- Entrants ships can be from any ST race that is commonly featured or part of the game (ie. including Species 8472).

As for how you go about making it, that is entirely up to you. It could be a brand-new ship that you start from scratch or you could do a funky kit-bash. That being said, there are some rules to follow. Breaking them will result in an automatic disqualification.

- If you're kit-bashing someone else's parts, make sure you receive permission to do so AND provide credits. Similarly to standard rules, breaking this will result in standard procedures coming into effect. C'mon though, it's for fun, so we shouldn't have any of this.
- Do not submit ships that already exist! The contest is to create new-ones, not to re-introduce older ones!
- Follow the set-of requirements given to you. They're there for a reason
- All standard rules for submitting a mod.

To submit your entry, to be done before May 25th send it in the usual way, but when you send the e-mail, PLEASE put in your subject header "Contest Entry". Whilst your file won't be added till after the winner is put up on the 30th as to give it time to glory, all ships will be going up, just like normal submits. So, the more you throw into this, the more you'll get out. Ahem, start your modding!

I'm looking forward to what you guys throw up :)