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New mod in the works and Technology Upgrade....

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 12:14 am
by CptBenSisko
Joelteon7 and I are collaborating a new mod which is yet to be titled..but it in a sense will bring Legacy to Armada. The base idea is have a smaller fleet of ships and have a slower acquisition of resources such as metal and dilithium. What I wanna bounce off of some of you are my ideas for tech upgrades. My initial idea is to have a shipyard with which to build starships from and also have a research station to research upgrades for. Now for the research station you will have a few can upgrade specific systems for each of your ships as you do with the upgrade station is standard armada..and you can also research a technology upgrade, if you have sufficient resources, as the tech upgrade will be costly and take a long time to complete. Upon completion you can then upgrade your stations/shipyards to the next tech level. which then gives you new options for starships as well as allowing you to construct upgraded versions of ships you already have. such as having TMP Excelsiors and now you have the ability to build TNG Excelsiors. But the trick is you lose the ability to construct more of the ships you already have. so those Constitution class refit ships you built will no longer be available to you..once they are gone, and most assuredly against early to mid 24th century threats they will go rather quickly, they are gone. However you may also be able to bring your existing ships back to space dock/shipyard to upgrade them as well...If i can get a hold of Adam/Phantom and see if his refit systems will work with A2 we maybe able to work something out. Otherwise you could bring your TMP ships in and decomission them to get your resources back and put those toward building the more modern starships. This system will be implemented for all of the races that we will be using..We maybe concentrating on the big three only for now..Feds, Klingons, Romulans. We may introduce the Cardassians..but we are keeping this from Late TMP/Early TNG to Mid to Late TNG so the Galaxy class would be the most powerful ship available to the Federation. But also be the largest and most costly vessel as well..

For now the team is just Joelteon7 and myself. We will be accepting people shortly..we don't really need much in the way of models as I'm sure anything we need I already have..the races we use will all need a facelift as far as GUIs anyone that is good at GUIs feel free to message either myself or Joelteon. Physics and weapons and sounds and voices are already pretty much handled..its just ship decisions and the upgrade and attack system that we will be working on..and of course the getting the AI to make logical decisions. For this mod, gone are the days of building a large 50 ships fleet and throwing it at your opponents base. Ships will run out of munitions, such as photons and require to retreat if they must to a resupply depot or a rendezvous with a resupply vessel. Okay guys..time's yours fire away with your thoughts and ideas....

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 10:54 am
by MrVulcan
wow, this is exactly what Armada needs :D I agree with everything you've said. If I had more time I'd add some of my ideas; but, I'm leaving in a couple of hours and will only be back two weeks later.

So, my thoughts condensed:

For system upgrates, you could limit the total number of upgrades. Say, have only 10 pod hardpoints and a total of 20 possible upgrades. The player will have to decide which systems are most important to them.

A similar system can be implemented in building starships. You'd need to research each ship before you can build it, with one catch; you can only have so many research pods at any given time (made possible through a limited number of pod hardpoints). So, if you want that new galaxy glass, you'd have to decommision the ambassador class research pod.

I'm not certain if there is a more elegant way to implement a munitions limit than I know of, but it worked in my home mod. You could give photon torpedoes (as well as other missile weapons) special energy cost. However, ships will not be able to recharge special energy. For that you'll need the munitions ship with a special weapon to recharge the energy.

I'd be glad to help you guys out as much as I can. At this point, time is a consideration since I am stretched between two A1 mods. But, if I do find the time, I'd be more than happy to work on a GUI facelift and well as other aspects of the gui such as wireframes and buttons.

Good luck
Mr. V

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 11:03 am
by CptBenSisko I said Joel and I are in the planning process for this so adding team members will happen over time....I appreciate any help you may be able to provide.

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:38 pm
by jolt
Love the limited system upgrade idea. Really will add another tactical depth to it. I think we may need to include that.

I'll copy what I said over on GamingForums, as it is still relevant;

We were toying with the idea that each race might have a 'prototype' ship that would be an indication of things to come, but wouldn't be up to full strength as known. For example, the Defiant for the Federation and the Negh'Var for the Klingons. Fact is, when you get into the DS9 era and beyond, you begin to diversify a heck of a lot more with ships that, although play interesting strategic parts, dilute playing.

Having it restricted to a time of fewer ships, standing more for classes, it's easier to determine what we want. For example, no doubt the Ambassador in the TMP era will be a thing of incredible power (lesser so in the TNG era, but still a foe); she can't beat 3 or 4 Warbirds, but she can by all means fend them off for a while.

We also aim to balance the races to what we know. The Galor's were never strong, so you may find that a Galaxy class battleship can take on 2 and win. We're going to also toy with a few ideas including how to use the map more.

One idea was to create 'gas' planets. by putting them with low avoidance, you can allow ships to hide in them. Clever place a nebula within them, meaning damage is taken but shields are neutralised and you have a good hiding spot, likewise, if we're playing in a field where there's a giant planet with a ring system, the rings might dampen shields or make sensors harder to detect.

Asteroids, for example, may be blow-uppable to create a passage-way. As mentioned, torpedoes will be limited, but you'll be able to determine when you want to fire them. Perhaps using the Constitution's torpedoes on a Bird of Prey isn't worth it, but coming up against the D7 is. We plan to have click-activated torpedoes and to make sure that each ship has its own amount. Further this, there likely won't be any special weapons, but that's not to say ships won't have specials. Although not included, the Sovereign for example would have the ability to have click-activated photons AND quantums. Needless to say, it would make it more to what we know.

We're going to get ships to play their part, too. You could, say, have 10 destroyer's, but you'll find them being picked off considerably easily when a battleship rolls up. You need a balanced wing. The aim isn't to win, it's to do as much damage whilst taking as little of you own. Now you need to pay attention to exactly what you have. Perhaps the Excelsior can create a nice diversion whilst your Galaxy and two New Orleans are hiding in an asteroid belt, or maybe your D7 is in need of 'repairs' laying over by a planetoid whilst your wing of B'rel's are cloaked right behind it.

So far, the guaranteed races are the Federation, the Klingons and the Romulans.

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:22 pm
by Phantom
An interesting concept...

FT's burst weapons 'may' assist in reloads, if you tweak the code slightly you could have a 'reload' special weapon that could effectively restore torpedoes or phaser energy. It sorta works for FT atm, though I do not know if it'll work with Armada 2.

As for Refitting, it combines a complex string of techtree revisions, and modular construction, so it may cause some confusion in Armada 2 as I have heard it hates 'em. In FT, ships dont repair to base to refit, ships automatically download the updates. New hull designs become available over time. EG: to Build an Intrepid Refit, you have to have a greater warp shell (it is slightly faster than a normal Intrepid, maximum holography for the Armor and have maximum shield and phaser based weapons, as the Intrepid Refit uses a Mark XX Phaser beams as her array's have been refitted too) the player can decide pending wether they wanna build a bog standard intrepid or move it to the Refit facility and build a refit varient in the refit yards which was kindly given by Major A Payne - with heavy amendments by myself :P to make a brand new facility lol.

We were tinkering the Idea of limiting ships with torpedoes, it is something Future Tense II has for the earlier units. For example, Star Trek Enterprise Era will be the hardest to play, this is because the player will be forced, to manually fire proton torpedoes, phase canons and even charge your hull plating, lock onto ships with grapplers (which are so cool they are in FT) and launch shuttles as only a select handful of ships have transporters. So the gameplay on that respect is radically different pending the era of Future Tense II you go too. It sounds like your trying to do a similar thing with "Star Trek Armada 2 - Legacy" but n a much larger scale to all units rather than ones on the show. Though if you are doing it make sure ur Intrepids have 36 photons, and not 54 like Voyager fires throughout the series, - or a Delta Flyer that is almost twice the size of the shuttlebay which suddenly grew a launch tunnel in Season 5 lmfao.

I can't garentee the Refit will work on Armada 2 simply because it is complex and I have heard Armada 2 hates modular facilities. Just depends on how 'grande' you want to have it really. Future Tense has 24 System Refits, 8 Systems with multiple levels of upgrading from level 1 - 3. There are ways around it, but it is highly complex to the point where it struggles on Future Tense (The amount of bugs it has is rediculous at this stage lmfao) Im just hoping I can sort it out, have taken next week off work to sit down and reprogram from scratch :D oh how I love ODF work from scratch lmao.

What EXACTLY do you want the Refit system for? Just to enable new crafts? Future Tense's as I say has a multitude of features in it's refit. You can research hull designs which opens the ships for construction, but you need to refit basic systems to enable them to be playable. Using the Republic as an example. The Republic Carries state-of-the-art Sensor equipment, so it'd require a battleship placement (Level 3 I think) and then you'd need to have state-of-the-art sensor systems to use it properly, else its canon fodder.

That premise basically gives the player the impression that the ships they use, are "State-of-the-Art" in comparrison, the neat features after its playable is every time you refit a system, say "Phasers" the ships built also gain the same refits so they continuously become stronger and stronger the more you refit the ships systems, so the player is constantly upgrading their fleets to a stronger status. Pretty neat, unfortuantly the Moscow and half a dozen other units are telling the refit stuff to F-off I want more power! atm as in vengence they send me to desktop with a demonic laugh lol.

Intrepid's love it though lol - very weird.

Give me a list of everything you want to do, and I'll see if what has been done would in fact work for STA2-Legacy to the best of the FT teams knowledge,


Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 8:58 pm
by CptBenSisko your ships don't actually go to a facility to refit...rather the refits come naturally...or you can build a refitted vessel that looks different from the original...okay I understand...