Officer Pod In Armada 1

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Officer Pod In Armada 1

Post by Matress_of_evil »

I noticed in the fedoff.odf file that the Officers Quarters upgrade for the Starbase has 500 shields. Since the Officer Quarters upgrade themselves don't have their own shields, I assumed that this would add an extra 500 shields to the Starbase itself, but when I checked, that doesn't happen.

I also tried adding weapons to the Officers Quarters to see if they would add extra weapons to the station when built. I removed the weapons from the Starbase to see if the new weapons would be used but they didn't fire.

Does anyone know if it's possible to make the Officers Quarters add shields and weapons to the Starbase? My .odf files come from the odf download from this site because my addons folder is pretty much empty when I install the game, so if they aren't supposed to have shields then there is a mistake in that file.
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Post by Surma »

Armada 1 has some errors that doesnt affect the game, but you will doubtless encounter as a modder, like the weapon colour variable that doesnt work.

My guess is that from the beginning the officers quarters were supposed to be destroyable pods like the research pods, but they decided to remove it, and the shields in the fedoff.odf is a remnant they didnt bother removing. Its possible that it doesnt even use the odf any more (you could move it and see if it crashes the game, if not the odf is unused).

I just checked bbase.sod and the visual additions are a part of the mesh. Each one of them are a separate mesh group. In the node hierarchy theres a node called h_oq connected to geometry. To h_oq theres m_oq1 to 6 connected, same name as the mesh groups. My guess is that it is hardcoded so that when an officer is created the corresponding mesh group becomes visible.

Adding a weapon will do nothing if the sod doesnt have a corresponding node. The fact that the game didnt crash when you did that is further proof towards my theory that the odf is unused. Though i just realised that the odf is hardcoded, so you cant really remove it. You could however put an empty file named fedoff.odf in addons and see if that crashes the game.

To answer your question: If everything i said above is true then probably no. If armada allowed scripting then maybe. The thing is that when you load a game all the files are compiled and loaded into memory and armada does not as far as i know provide a way to affect that data.
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Post by MajorPayne »

Two things here.

The A1 odf files are located in a compressed archive in the main Armada 1 directory so simply removing the ODF won't do anything.

Secondly a model doesn't require the h_oq node. I've replaced the federation starbase on several occasions and if these nodes are missing then you can upgrade the officer special as many times as you like.
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