HP Viewer (Armada 1)

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HP Viewer (Armada 1)

Post by 7of8 »

what programs are there to view hp's in armada 1?
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Post by Zman »

It should still be in the download section here?

EDIT: That one is A2 only. Im not sure if a2files has one or not.

EDIT2: Nope, not one there either. I know that there is one out there somewhere though. Check on any of the other (still active) sites and see if anyone hasit if noone here replys after a few weeks time.
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Post by MrVulcan »

Storm 3D is a bit clumsy for viewing hps, but does the job just fine if you don't have too many models to go through.

Ultimate Unwrap should be able to handle this as well, but I've never used it personally so I can't say if it especially good.
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