Starships and stations

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Starships and stations

Post by 7of8 »

Do you know where i can get good looking models, such as: a normal excelsior class model (like the one in ST:III) a centaur class model, a good galaxy class model & a spacedock model.

(They all need to have tech 1 and fulltech intructions and wireframes for gui_global.spr) in the sprites folder.
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Post by Zman »

Ok, here is the spacedock. (second from bottom) ... eA&show=10

Here is a ship pack with the Centaur and normal Excel with one of the kitbashed ships from DS9. (third from bottom) ... eA&show=10

Here's another pack of Execl family ships, some canon some not. (middle of the page) ... eA&show=10

Here is a two ship pack that has an Excel and a Galaxy. The picture has gone bad so I guess you will have to be surprised when you get it ingame if thats the one you want lol. (ship pack by Admiral is what its called, its in the middle of the page) ... eA&show=10

Check the rest of the downloads section, you might find something else that you might want.
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