space backgroud (the void) (ie: like the one ST:VOY)

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space backgroud (the void) (ie: like the one ST:VOY)

Post by 7of8 »

Do you know how i can create the space backgroud effect like the one in ST:VOY: The Void, where you can see the whole ship clearly but theres no stars.
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Post by Zman »

Everything is already right in front of you. I didn't even reaise it till lst year. I have a 3 player and 8 player void maps though they can't be completely empty you gotta have some asteroids and blackholes so they arn't as boring. This is for A1 but there's no doubt this will work in A2 aswell.

Copy the artcfgfile and rename it so as you don't override the original.

Here are the sections that I changed.
// Starfield parameters
#define STARFIELD_GEOMETRY_NAME "mbgblack.sod"
// Number of representations for various starfield objects.
And then go through all of the show_stars values aswell as all the star_count values for all the different system configurations. Just set them all to zero. It should take you no more than 5 minutes to do this.

Now rename the orginal file and the new one so that that is the one the game/map editor reads.

Now open up your void map(if you already havn't made it, then do that first obviously) with the map editor and bring up the map properties screen and rename the starfield that it uses to mbgblack just like the artcfg file. Then set ambient light color to black and delete the directional light itself so you get that true lights out look like in the episode. Save the map and thats it.

Just remember to switch the two artcfg files for when you are playing on your void map. otherwise you get a deep space kinda map.

A2 doesn't come with the mbgblack.sod file so you need to copy it from A1 to A2.

There are other things that you can do with the light that comes from the weapons, stars, dilitium moons and nebulas(by making them light sources, there is a thread about this over at the filefront forum) though with the Borg they(ACTIVISION) must not have set up those ships so that light reflects off of them like with the others, don't know about A2 havn't gotten to that yet.
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