Random Game Crashings -Star Trek Armada II, Well It Might Be

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Random Game Crashings -Star Trek Armada II, Well It Might Be

Post by jetnova16 » Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:06 am

The information located below is a log I have been keeping well modding my Star Trek Armada II game for a gaming design class. For the number of years that I have been doing this (about 3) I haven't decided to keep this kind of document until now. This is because everytime I turned for help to other modders, I feel I was being disrespected for trying to explain exactly what I seen happening in my game prior to the crash. Getting tired of this, I created this document telling exactly what races it involves what my race that I was playing as was doing and also if something appeared to happen more than once. Doing this I hope will at least try to clear up any confusion that others might be having with everything that I say is happening in my game because I hate to say it, but all that has happened with this game and these types of crashing errors seems to just get me banned at A2files when I'm only looking for help in solving these problems.

If you see anything in this log that you might feel you know how to solve please let me know. I have written "SOLVED" by any crashing error that I have solved.


Random Crashings Log:
DATE: Races Involved: What Happens Before Crash:
Prior Crashes involved the Dominion, the Remans, the Federation, the Romulans, the Cardassians, actually all races in the game, except Species 8472, I happen to have made them unplayable since I don’t like using them. These crashing errors first appeared to happen during Heavy Combat situations then after that the game crashed when one of my construction ships went to warp. I would have to say that this is really random because the game doesn’t really crash when construction ships go to warp but it does happen a lot during heavy combat situations especially with the races that I’ve increased the HP values to and also the shield/health of. As people read through this log, will you please offer any help, incites and any other advice that you think might be helpful?
6/29/2010 – Federation vs. Romulans
My Premonition Class was attacking the Colonized Romulan Planet, I tried to transport to the planet and the game ended up crashing instead. This is part of the reason why I call it “Random Crashings” because this doesn’t happen all the time.
6/29/2010 – Klingons vs. Romulan
My Klingons were building an Ent. Era BOP, one built already no crash at that time. There had to be something the Romulan AI did or built.
6/29/2010 Klingons vs. Romulans
I was trying to use the map editor, (CTRL +A) and then the game crashed. I added “Kruge” in as a named ship. Checked the file and found no errors and so restarted the game and went to the map editor and tried again, no crash until I clicked on the part of the map that had the Romulan’s base. Then the game crashed. I tried the Map Editor a third time and without any crashing what so ever from it. I added Kruge’s ship but its sound files didn’t work even though they were in the Events file. I went to the Romulans’ base and added Reman Scimitar class ships and hoped they’d be given to the Romulans but they were under my control. I don’t know how to switch them to Team 2. The game only crashed after the Klingons won with the game crashing at the Admiral’s Log screen.
6/29/2010 – Klingons
This is not a Random Crash but a true issue it seems. I installed a replacement for the Klingon Dilithium Mining Station that I got from Armada2files.com. Well the model crashes my game and I checked for errors in the files and found none, the game still crashed so I replaced the model with the original Klingon Dilithium Station and the game is now still crashing. I replaced the textures and it still crashes, I replaced the SOD and ODF files and the game still crashes. I even tried switching the Klingon Dilithium Station to that of the Federation and the game still crashes. This Dilithium mining Station’s Read-Me file has no creators name or contact information to get a hold of him or her. Being banned from Armada2files.com means that I can’t even go back to the page where I got the mod to actually report the error I am having with it and what even replacing and reverting to the old model had caused. Can anyone please help me with this because even using my back-ups of the station is creating the same problem. This problem is now affecting the Mining Stations of all the races that are in the game, I can’t even build a mining station nor can the AI without the game crashing. Now this is the strangest part of this whole problem, the station can be built just fine in the Federation Campaign without the game crashing but it continues to crash in Instant Action no matter what race is being played, the AI isn’t even immune from the crash. – “SOLVED”
I just want to say that I have started to add ships and stations to my game that come from two complete mods, Art of War and Borg Incursion 2. I have tried to set aside the complete textures and correct files that are needed for the ships and stations that I’ve selected to appear and work correctly in game. I have done this type of modding before with a few ships and found I can do it easily. I can only hope that this will actually turn out good in this Personal Mod Project. I have decided to do this part of my project early since the other crashing errors are occurring since a few of these units are to be starting units I’ll be able to know if they have their own crashing problems and other errors. No matter what, even replacing the Dilithium Mining Station with one from another Full mod like Art of War, the game still crashes for some reason. – “SOLVED Mining Station Problem”
8/8/2010 – Update (This is the day the mining station problem was solved)
Lately I have been spending all of my time trying to figure out the crashing error involved with the Mining stations of all the stock races so I haven’t been playing the game at all. As of 8/4/2010, I figured out that problem. All the stock race’s mining stations had alittle addition by me that I got from another mod. Instead of being able to only handle Dilithium as a resource, I also gave them the ability to have them handle metal. This addition wasn’t used in the campaign by default it seems and thus only caused the game to crash during Instant Action, the code for handling metal was removed and the mining stations don’t crash the game anymore. Now with this error fixed, it is time to get back to modding the game, but the previously mentioned crashes do still exist for some reason, minus the one fixed one of course.
8/12/2010 - The Dominion vs. The Federation
I ran a test of my own to test the crashing error that seems to be involved with the increased Hit Points (HP) and Shields/Health on my Breen, Dominion, and Borg ships that I did on my own because this seemed to be the only way to make them stronger and to last longer in battle, and to make them match their counterparts seen on the different TV series of Star Trek along with the movies. I had my Dominion HQ starbase attack the increased Breen Command Ship and at the moment the ships was to be destroyed, instead it went derelict so I tried to select it to see exactly what was wrong with it, that’s when the game crashes to the desk top. This kind of crash happens with any game that involves the Dominion (and the Breen) or the Borg. It also happens during the campaign missions too.
8/13/2010 – The Dominion vs. The Federation
The game crashed well the Dominion Carrier was moving towards its destination, every few paces I’d have it deploy a Dominion Anti-Matter Mine. I have always had this ship move without the game crashing so therefore the logical decision would be that the Federation AI had built something that crashed the game but the game has never crashed that soon in any Instant Action Game except during the time when the mining stations (Dilithium Refineries) were causing the game to crash, but that has been fixed. This is one of the reasons why I have called this type of crashing errors “Random”.
8/13/2010 - The Dominion vs. The Federation
I am now sure of it that the Dominion, Breen and Borg ships stronger Hit points and or Shield/Health rate (values) is causing the game to crash because I’ve ran another test by attacking one of my own Dominion Ships with another Dominion vessel and at the moment the ship being attacked should have exploded, it didn’t instead the game ended up crashing. How can I make the Dominion, the Breen and the Borg Hit points, and Shield/Health rate (values) stronger without the game crashing?
8/14/2010 - The Borg vs. The Federation
For some reason the game just decided to crash, there was no combat going on and the Borg’s Resource Collecting Node is supposed to handle metal so that wouldn’t crash the game. For some reason this doesn’t involve the crashing error that seems to be caused by the increased Hit points and Shield/Health rate.

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