Star Trek Armada II - Crashing Errors Help – Thread 3

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Star Trek Armada II - Crashing Errors Help – Thread 3

Post by jetnova16 » Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:14 am

Star Trek Armada II - Requesting Modding Help & Crashing Errors Help – Thread 3

In this thread, I will be describing two different crashing errors. Each of the following threads in this part will continue with the other crashing errors in my Star Trek Armada II Mod. Each one will only list two crashing errors (since this one is longer, I’ll leave it at one error). The more important errors will appear in the first threads and then work their way up to the errors that I don’t think are as important but still are important in their own ways.

**********THE CRASHING ERRORS**********

1. This error started last September so I was forced to uninstall and reinstall my game because I couldn’t figure out the reason why it was happening and since I wasn’t getting any help at Armada2Files’ forums I had to resort to starting my mod over which ended up putting me behind schedule. This first happened when I installed the Dominion (The Dominion Ultimate Mods). Since I didn’t want this to happen again and also wanted to find out if the Dominion was causing it, the first race I added to the game was the Dominion and I didn’t have this crashing error happen again until two weeks ago.
The Trading Stations for ever race in the game after they are built end up crashing the game. Sometimes this happens when trying to use them, other times it happens after they’re built but since it happens to the AI, its mostly when they are built. First I’d like to say this error just started happening and I haven’t even edited the Trading Stations fully (except to try arming them but I since removed that feature and the crashing still happens).
To get more information on this error, I decided to test the problem in the Map Editor in a map that I made for such testing moments titled “Battle Test”. For my test, I added the Trading Stations of all the races in the game and switched over by using the “CTRL-A” method and the game didn’t crash but then I found out that the Trading Stations for all the races are missing their button that activates their Trade Menus. These buttons were there one moment well testing the game for a Klingon ship I added, I went to use the Klingon Trading Station and the game crashed, then after that once they were built the game would crash. From the Map Editor Test, I know that their buttons totally don’t show up (along with the Cargo ships for all races), in the Map Editor the game didn’t crash. Before I close on this crashing issue, I’d like to add that on loading for the Second Federation Campaign Mission (involving Trading Stations) the game crashes on loading).

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