Star Trek Armada II - Crashing Errors Help – Thread 5

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Star Trek Armada II - Crashing Errors Help – Thread 5

Post by jetnova16 » Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:15 am

Star Trek Armada II - Requesting Modding Help & Crashing Errors Help – Thread 4

In this thread, I will be describing two different crashing errors. Each of the following threads in this part will continue with the other crashing errors in my Star Trek Armada II Mod. Each one will only list two crashing errors. The more important errors will appear in the first threads and then work their way up to the errors that I don’t think are as important but still are important in their own ways.

**********THE CRASHING ERRORS**********

1. There has been something aching me for a long time when it comes to making a race in Star Trek Armada II Playable or Non-Playable, namely the Non-Playable races. I have made Species 8472 Non-Playable but whenever I select their race to add units to a map, the game then crashes. Species 8472 isn’t modded because there aren’t many good mods for them (there just aren’t many people creating mods for them) and this means they are still as weak as they were in the Stock version of the game. I have a few mods for them that will add some ships and also changes their textures but compared to the other races, their additions is about 2-3 total, its just not enough to stand up to the other races already in the game and that I’ve added. Now that Species 8472 is set to Non-Playable, the game crashes as I stated when selecting their units for the maps in the Map Editor and I fear that they also might be causing some of the Campaign Missions to crash when they are part of the map. I guess what my question is: “Is how do I make a race Non-Playable by the human player and remove them from being in the selection menu for Instant Action but still make it possible for their units to be added to the map and to also not crash any of the campaign missions?” What I did to make them Non-Playable now was to make them set to -1 in their Race File and totally removed them from their Races.odf file. Could I by any chance give them a higher number that 13 (what I know is the total number of playable races you can have in the game), will they work then? Or does an ODF file like the one used for the Ferengi needed to be created?
The other races that I want to make non-playable are:
1) The Suliban
2) The Xindi
53) A few Races from the Delta Quadrant (not the Borg) combined into one race (Alliance) – “Delta.odf”

2. In my attempts to make many of the races in Star Trek Armada II act more like their counterparts in the TV series that many of us have watched, I have Increased Shield/HitPoint Values for the Borg, the Breen, and the Dominion, I increased their shield/hit point values and then all of a sudden the game has always crashed whenever these “stronger” ships are attacked or about to be destroyed. How can I change this so that this is not the case? Does anyone also have any suggestions on what to increase these values to that will make all the ships of the mentioned races stronger (no matter what their class or function)? I was thinking about using the Shield/HitPoint Values for the Borg Tactical Fusion Cube for ever ship, but then that would still make the Tactical Fusion Cube (thus all other ships and stations) still weaker than the onscreen counterparts.

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