Star Trek Armada II - Terran Empire (A Homemade Compilation)

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Star Trek Armada II - Terran Empire (A Homemade Compilation)

Post by jetnova16 » Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:51 pm

For the first posting of this mod and other things that didn't fit with it, please see this thread: ... pic&t=7114

Here is an updated version of the Terran Empire & Alliances (Mirror Universe) Compilation Mod that I created. This has all the additional units added to it, all it doesn't have is an AI that is fully made yet, I'm having alittle trouble with that (because I want it to work and I'm using my tech1 file I created for this mod to do just that. It isn't going so well since its a new race, I can easily add to the AI of an already existing race but this kind of part seems alittle harder. The only other problem with the mod is that the Terran & Alliance Textures for almost all of the ships and the stations look exactly like their counterparts. I don't have the tools to change this and I don't have the expenses to get them.

Of course there is one small change that could be made with this mod (No I don't mean reducing the number of ships and stations because what this mod is is balanced to well one modded game that I know of, the mod I'm creating all the sides that create this race have alot of units to, so this counteracts that on a massive scale). The change I'm speaking of involves some ODF files and the names of a few SODS, the weapon pods for the Ion Weapon Facility and the Turret Facility are still named with their original respective races' names and are even listed as belonging to those races still. Should this too be changed?

Note the crashing errors that are preventing this race from being played by me (not the AI) are still happening. Could this be because the AI isn't made (I mean complete) or could it be because of the Ion and Turret Research station's pods not being labled?

Well here is the newest version of the mod, Terran & Alliance (Mirror Universe) Full Race Alpha 1.5 (Alpha 2.0 will be when everything is complete):

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