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Because it is easier to add races (without replacing any) to Armada II than Armada I, I thought it fun to create a Halo faction - that is, in my book, an alliance between the UNSC and the Sangheili. My reasoning behind this? Well, it's kind of a long story, but (assuming I ever get finished) I will include a timeline document that bridges the gap between the end of the Human-Covenant War and my Mod.
ATM, the mod is coming along nicely. However, I wish to... 'recruit' some professional help to finish my mod. Right now, I can model and create the UNSC ships, but my skills are somewhat... limited... in creating the Sangheili ships.
ATM, unit listing is as follows:

///UNSC Ships\\\
UNSC Frigate (found it floating on my HD, no idea where it's from)
UNSC Aspire-class Destroyer (Same as above)
UNSC Halcyon-class Cruiser (Debating whether or not I should remove this)
UNSC Marathon-class Cruiser (Don't know if I'll keep this or not)
UNSC Moscow-class Battlecruiser (Custom ship, made by me)
UNSC Marauder-class Battleship (Custom ship, made by me)
UNSC Thor-class Battleship (Can't find any origin to this ship - mod or otherwise. May discard.)

///Sangheili Ships\\\
Sangheili Gunship (Uses Assault Carrier model I found somewhere - can't remember where)
Sangheili Battleship (Refit of the above)
Sangheili CCS Battlecruiser (Same as the gunship)
Sangheili CCS REFIT (Just as the name suggests)
Sangheili Destroyer (Other source)
Sangheili Cruiser (Other source)
Sangheili Frigate (Other source)

Srry, but I have no screenies as of yet. As I mentioned earlier, I would like to enlist your aid. While the list of ships is somewhat extensive, I am the kind of person who likes to have a wide variety of warships at my disposal, often from different races. I have no compunctions over doing this alone, but I think it would be nice to have some outside help.
The aid I need is:

Modeller (For modelling Sangheili warships. UNSC modellers will be welcome, but Sangheili modellers are needed)
Texturer (optional. I have textures for UNSC and Sangheili ships, but some variety never hurts.)
Mapper (For instant action maps. Normally, I'd do this myself, but my attention is fixed on getting the models up and running. If you want to make maps for this mod, drop me an e-mail at - I'll fill you in on what I'd like to see.)

If you have other skills and think you may be of use, drop me an e-mail at the aforementioned address and we'll talk. Or just reply to this topic - either way suits me just fine; I'm available practically 24/7.

Best of luck, comrades.
"The true war is waged in the hearts of all living things - against our own natures, light or dark; that is what shapes and binds this galaxy, not these creations of man." --Darth Traya
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