Nebula Creation Special Weapon

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Nebula Creation Special Weapon

Post by MrC_921 » Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:01 pm

Hi everybody,

How's it going? I have been trying to create a special weapon that creates nebulas. It is based off of the Klingon Ion Storm, but instead of creating the Ion Storm object it creates a nebula.

This works just fine if the weapon creates a regular nebula (mutara, metreon gas, etc.). However, I am having problems with creating my own nebula. I want to create a nebula that slows down ships but does not disable any systems and does not hide them. I copied my new nebula from the Mutara Nebula .odf (mnebula3.odf). I have tried to set these values within my new nebula file:

// Set the effect flags
disableWeapons = 0
disableShields = 0
disableSensors = 0
disableCrew = 0
disableCloak = 0

The game seems to ignore these settings. Even though I tell it not to, the game still disables ships' shields and sensors. It also does not slow them down.

What is wrong with this? I find it strange that my desired effects wouldn't take place, even though I explicitly put them in. Are nebulas modified below the .odf level?

Thanks a ton in advance for any help, :)

Some videos of my current mod are here. However, I have since changed the name to "Dominions & Heavens"

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Post by kobayashimaru » Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:33 pm

I've never messed with nebulae, although those files seem pretty straightforward.

Just to check, you're still using the mnebula3.odf as the name of your file and you put it in the Addon directory? If you changed the name, you'd have to add it to a techtree too right?

The other thing I thought of is why use the Mutara nebula when you could use the Metaphasic (mnebula4)? It doesn't have the effects you're trying to get rid of and looks like it has the same speed commands as the other.

Which raises something you didn't cover, what did you change to try to alter the speed like you wanted? There's this:

// How fast does pulsing change speed? (1st derivatives of pulsing speed)
min_speed_change = 0.001
speed_change_period_divisor = 0.1
speed_change_range = 0.6

and this:

// How do we slow down ships? (coefficient is a multiple, speed limit
// is a cap; set speed limit to -1 to have an unlimited speed limit)
craft_speed_coefficient = 1.0
craft_speed_limit = -1

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Post by Dominus_Noctis » Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:26 pm

Those booleans are actually false (0) by default, so I presume that you've missplaced the ODF or so :)

Nebulae don't have to be in the techtree as they don't use buttons :)

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Post by MrVulcan » Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:44 pm

From what I gathered, there is a limit of 5 unique nebula objects. If you attempt to add a 6th nebula object, it takes on the effects and other odf parameters from the 5th nebula. This was a while ago, so I may have overlooked something.

Its a bummer cause there could be so many possibilities for adding new nebulas.

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