How change gui position + who created this button?

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How change gui position + who created this button?

Post by Ali »

Hello everybody.

1.) I have almost finished my mod and wanted to publish it, but I don't know, who created this buildbutton (galaxy class) for Armada 1. I need that information for the credits. The tga-file is attached. Does anyone know who created it?
I remember I renamed it, but i don't remember the original name of the file.

2.) I tried to move a gui-window to the left:
folder: Armada/misc/gui_fed.cfg
For example the dilithium panel in the top right corner. I was able to make it more slim in x-direction, but not more wide. And I couldn't change the starting position.
dilithiumPanelArea = 495 0 81 16
dilithiumPanelArea = 295 0 41 16

Is the starting position hardcoded?
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Re: How change gui position + who created this button?

Post by MrVulcan »

1) Not sure.. Why not make your own? Buttons are an easy thing to start with, and bit of pixel pushing skills can be helpful anywhere ;)

2) You correctly identified the line that needs to be modified. "dilithiumPanelArea" specifies the invisible background which defines the area of a GUI component with which you can interact. There are two more components that you need to modify: the graphics overlays "dilithiumBackgroundPanelArea" (black background) and "dilithiumBackgroundPanel_0" (the tga texture)

For dilithiumPanelArea, the first two numbers are the x and y coordinates from the top left corner of the screen to the top-left corner of the dilithium panel. These are NOT hardcoded elsewhere, but they are saved per "user" configuration. You can reset the user gui config via some hotkey combination, which I have forgotten, but you can figure out what it is from the hotkeys file. Another way to reset these is to delete the Armada.prf file in the game directory, which will force the game to recreate all game settings.

For more extensive modifications, you would have to edit the corresponding entry in the "gui_federation.spr" file. In the .cfg file you are only changing the gui areas, but not how the actual texture is mapped onto those areas.
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