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Armada 2 Fleet Operations 3rd party mods tour suggestions

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 2:30 am
by Blake00
Hey guys,

I thought this place had a dedicated FO forum but I can't seem to find it now so I must have been imagining things lol.

Anyway earlier this year I decided to make a Fleet Operations video tour on my retro gaming youtube channel to try and create some renewed interest in the game and these communities. To spice things up I decided to expand the video to a 3 part series covering some of the coolest 3rd party mods for Fleet Ops out there as I suspect many of the regular/casual A2 fanbase (that never got around to joining forums) either don't know that there are extra mods for FO or don't even know about FO itself lol!

Unfortunately back when I made the series I didn't have an account on the FO forums so I couldn't engage the community and just had to make my own choices based on what I could find. The videos ended up being quite popular and I got some great responses from the community resulting and I noticed there were a few projects I didn't know about and that perhaps I should do a Part 4 video at some point showing off more mods.

Here, the FO forums and MFSC are huge with years of history and no doubt there's other places hosting mods too so I'm curious to know what's everyone's favourites/recommended total conversion FO mods that are either finished or at the very least in a playable state (without requiring modder knowledge to get working) that I should cover in a future video??

FO Projects I already covered in the existing series are:
- Default Fleet Operations
- Warriors of Fluidic Space
- Roots
- Dominion War
- Star Trek Federation Dawn
- Armada 2 Classic
- Star Trek Armada 2 Upgrade Project

Re: Armada 2 Fleet Operations 3rd party mods tour suggestions

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 3:46 pm
by SilverHammer
With a few very simple steps, you can get stock Armada 2 mods working with Fleet Operations. I know people don't like to make the effort, but I think it's worth it for some really good A2 mods. Here's an explanation: ... rt-from-a2

Babylon 5 Armada 2 is amazing, and I think well worth showing off.

The Star Trek vs Star Wars II demo (with the patch) is also a lot of fun, despite only being a demo.

Re: Armada 2 Fleet Operations 3rd party mods tour suggestions

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 2:24 am
by Blake00
Thanks mate! That's really good to know. I thought it was some super hard thing to do.

A few days ago I actually found a pre-converted copy of the Babylon 5 mod ready to play in FO which was cool to see as I'm a huuuuuge B5 fan and have a whole section of my website devoted to B5 fan games (including the old B5 A2 mod) so I'd love to include this mod in a future FO video.

Will check out that star wars one too thanks.