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I Would Really Like:

Post by jetnova16 » Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:51 am

If anyone has been paying attention to many of the things I have said, you know that I am really wanting to actually create a StarGate Total Conversion for Star Trek Armada II and I would like to call this mod StarGate Armada.

Well to make this dream come true and actually finally bring a StarGate Total Conversion to the Armada II Community.

There have been a few mods that have attemped this but then just died out, I won't let this happen this time and one way or another will really want to get this mod created.

Ok now that I have said all that mumble jumble, maybe it is time for me to get to the point.

I would like it if some people that are famililar with MS3D and other model creationf programs will actually help me out. I have a few mods that I would like to get completed and that isn't happening for I am having problems with MS3D and also even getting any model to convert to or export to SOD without hardpoints vanishing or god knows what is happening. I would like it if someone would help me complete these models and make them game ready.

Also, I would like it if someone will created full race mods for the following races:
The Tau'ri & The Ancients
The Pegasus & Milky Way Replicators
The Lucian Alliance
The Wraith
The Asgard
The Goa'uld

For these races, I have already gathered all the mods that have been released here at Armada Fleet Command and Armada2Files, but I am still really needing to get the mods that haven't been released for the mods that I am seeing Screen Shots for on the StarGate Forums here and at the File Front Forums. Since those mods aren't in production anymore, if I could get those completed mods then I can possibly already have a few races that will be ready for this Total Conversion Mod.

I am looking for anyone and everyone who has StarGate Mods that haven't been released and also those that know how to create models for StarGate. Please help me out in getting those mods and also officially creating this StarGate Armada Total Conversion for Star Trek Armada II.

Thank you for your help and cooperation. :)

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Post by fuller » Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:13 am

These would be good

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