Star Trek Online Mods for Star Trek Armada II

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Star Trek Online Mods for Star Trek Armada II

Post by jetnova16 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:20 pm

I have been wondering if anyone knows where I can locate mods for Star Trek Armada II that are of ships from Star Trek Online. I really was hoping to find and Odyssey-class starship that is the Tactical Variant with the Aquarius-class escort/support ship.

Actually, many of the ships in Star Trek Online would actually be pretty great to see in Star Trek Armada II. ... V4H69zvOYM: ... j6FPzAKoyM:

Note: The Odyssey-class starship that I have in Star Trek Online is a combination of all three. She has the Tactical variants Aquarius Escort/Support ship. Worker Bees for repairing from the Science Variant and the Saucer (Chevron) Separation from the Operations Variant.

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