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.SOD files

Post by bigdaveking »

i wish to add ships to my private mod and i read the "how to add a ship to your mod" tutorial downloaded from this very website all simple enough up until i have to add the ship to the specific shipyard.sod file which opens up to a bunch of jibberish symbols

how can i read and alter .sod files? it is the only thing stopping me from accomplishing my goal in my mod
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Post by KevinJ »

you dont open the sod file you open the odf file
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Post by pepperman »

The process is pretty simple for Armada 1.

1. Download file

2. Copy files to the approprite directories

Copy the *.SOD to your Armada SOD Directory
Copy the *.odf to your Armada Addon Directory
Copy the *.wav to your Armada Addon Directory
Copy the *.tga to your Armada Textures/Rgb Directory

3. Mod the shipyard object definition files (ODF) and make it buildable by the shipyard. For example, open the Federation shipyard odf file (e.g., fyard.odf) and insert a new builditem under the construction parameters:

// Construction Parameters
buildItemX = "fassault"

Where X is the next available number in the sequence.

4. Mod the appropriate Techfile files. For example, open an appropriate techtree file (e.g., tech1.tt is for standard tech mode) and add the following lines.

shipname.odf 0

5. Mod the Gui_global.spr to add build buttons and wireframes

6. Mod the weapon.spr to add weapon references (only necessary if the new ship uses non-stock weapons).

7. Mod the events.odf to add sound references (may or may not be necessary)

Also, if you are new to modding then a must read is Westworld's Big Book on Modding. You can find it under the tutorials section.
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