A Torpedo Burst in A1! (The Easy way)

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A Torpedo Burst in A1! (The Easy way)

Post by Sentinel »

(requires ODF package)

1. Get the gdchant and dchant on your desktop

2. rename files to what ever you want (For this ilistration i will use gfwep and fwep )

3. Change the gfwep to this :

//Display name for this weapon
wpnName = "Torpedo Burst"
tooltip = "Torpedo Burst Burst (^F^3) - Federation vessels"
verboseTooltip = "Fires a torpedo burst."

//Name of the ODF file for the ordinance for this weapon
ordName = "fwep"

//Location of the button in the speed panel
buttonSlot = 1

// Priority of button in the speed panel, this is only
// used if it is non-zero.
buttonPriority = 1

//Type of border to use for this button.
//0 = No border.
//1 = Offensive border.
//2 = Defensive border.
buttonBorder = 0

// Mark this as a special weapon.
special = 1

//Time Delay between shots
shotDelay = 3.5

// Range within which the weapon will fire.
range = 300.0f

classLabel = "toggleweapon"
wpnReticle = "gblast"
wpnCategory = "TOWE"
beneficial = 1

4. Change fwep to this :

//Programming Stuff DO NOT CHANGE
classLabel = "deathchant"

//The number of units which are subtracted from the Special Energy Reserve
specialEnergyCost = 800

//The base amount of damage which the ordinance does with each hit
damageBase = 0

//The amount of variance applied to the damage (i.e. 10 + or - 2)
damageVariance = 0

//The threshold which must be exceeded to cause crew casualties prior
//to shield exhaustion
damageThreshold = 0

//The multiplier by which any damage which exceeds the threshold is
//multiplied by to calculate the percentage of crew lost with that hit
shieldCrewModifier = 0

//The multiplier by which any damage which is applied to the hull is
//multiplied by to calculate the percentage of crew lost with that hit
hullCrewModifier = 0

//Amount of time the ordinance will exists without hitting something
lifeSpan = 0

//How fast the shot moves
shotSpeed = 35.0

// This affects the turning radius/rate somewhat unknown.
omegaTurn = 3.0

// The rate at which this Torpedo accelerates.
shotAccel = 100.0

// Time to play through the animation for the sprite in seconds
spriteDuration = 1.0

//this modifies the color of the ordinance (not currently working)
shotColor = 227

// Size of photon torpedo.
radius = 2.0f

// Let's ignore them thar shields
ignoreShield = 1

// Special value for special effects (how long it lasts?)
specialValue = 1

// Values for this effect
FireModifier = 4.2
RepairModifier = 0
TurnModifier = 0
DamageModifier = 0
SpeedModifier = 0
HitModifier = 0

5. Go to the textures/RGB folder and delete Wdeathch.tga (You might wanna back up that file some where else just incase)

6. add this line to any ship that has torpedo's (fill the number blanks with the appropriate numbers)

//Torpedo Burst
weapon# = "gfwep"
weaponHardpoints# = "hp01"

And there ya go, your new Torpedo burst, WARNING : It only works on ships that HAVE torpedos in the weapon list.
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Post by Captain_H »

Cool thanks for the post, though I wonder if it can be converted to Armada II.
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