nebula armada 1

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nebula armada 1

Post by 7of8 »

How do you make the nebulas (Cerulean Nebula,metaphasic nebula etc..)
disable engines and other systems?
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Post by MrVulcan »

Nebulas do not disable engines unfortunately. Other systems can be disabled with the tag lines in the odfs.

If you do not have the odfs, download them from this site. Copy the mnebula#.odf into the addon folder.

Change the 1s and 0s in the following lines to produce the desired combination of effects (taken from the cerulean nebula odf):

disableWeapons = 1
disableShields = 1
disableSensors = 0
disableCrew = 0
disableCloak = 1

damageValue = 0

hideContents = 1
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Post by Phantom »

if memory serves theres a line that one of the nebulas has, think its either blue or purple, that will reduce units speed in the nebula cant recall what it is off the top of my head though :/
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Post by graviton »

Speed effects, taken from mutara nebula (mnebula3.odf):

craft_speed_coefficient = 0.6
craft_speed_limit = -1

Written as a comment above those lines is "How do we slow down ships? (coefficient is a multiple, speed limit is a cap; set speed limit to -1 to have an unlimited speed limit)"

You could even make a "trap" nebula that slowed ships to a halt :twisted:
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