Future Tense Release Date Extended....

30 Years after "Nemesis" The torch of adventure is about to be passed from the Next Generation to the New Generation on an all new Enterprise

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Post by Phantom »

In Similar Format:

Current File stats:

Start Movie:
AVI = 114MB / BIK = 179MB

Future Tense: MOD (92%)approx.
= 152MB Compressed

Mission Packs: (0%)
= Estimated Approx. 10-20MB


Estimated Download size = 340MB

Items to be complete:

Intrepid Armor Animation/Encasing
Nebula Construction Matrix Construction Animations,
Mining Station Enhancements
Refit Tech Trees require more testing on Stage 3 Research
Final Few Special Weapons needed

4 More Vessels Required
Ker'Chan Texture Enhancements
Romulan VoiceOvers for missing Units
Remaining Units require Special Weapons

Trilitium Torpedo Superweapon
Lightmaps added to final few ships and stations
Klingon VoiceOvers for missing Units

Unicomplex Bugs fixed to continue Installation
Remaining Borg Units need lighting
Borg Assimilation Bomb Superweapon needs finialized
Tweaks to the GUI required


Scimitar Animations need tweaking

AI for all 6 above Races
NPR (Non-Playable Race) Cardassian Units need creating for maps/Missions
Mission Packs need drawing up with Mission AI
Borg Transwarp Hub needs completing for Borg Mission/Maps

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Post by MrVulcan »

Tweaks to the GUI required
GUI has been tweaked :)
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Post by Phantom »

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Post by ImperishableNight »

We really shouldn't force them to meet with the deadline... Afterall, this project was on 5 years ago, I was in K2(6 Years old)... Even when they were sick, the tried their best to help... But of course waiting too long can be a real danger... like: Waiting for ther firemen to come rather then calling them... Anyways, good luck ^^
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Post by pal23 »

the only thing tht would make the mod much better is ship sepeation for both galaxy and ambassoder class <--( A new idea ther)
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Post by WillM »

its spelled Ambassador...and it dose not have seperation capabilities....why mess with a good design :?: and i prefer that mods keep the ships as cannon as possible :)
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