Medical Delays maybe in store for Future Tense

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Medical Delays maybe in store for Future Tense

Post by Phantom » Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:19 pm

Hi all,

As some of you may or maynot be aware, late last year I was admitted to hospital with a kidney problem which threw off the inital beta release of Future Tense off significantly. Anyhow, last Thursday I had a relapse following an infection. Im okay but the virus I had last September is slowly working its way through my system like it did 10 months or so ago. As a result I 'may' be readmitted into hospital for an unknown amount of time. It has been suggested by friends and doctors that I pull out of current projects and my jobs until I'm back on form.

With this in mind, I'm going to step down from Future Tense for a hopefully short period of time and restrict myself to either beta testing to 'relax' unless its a big bug that causes me to swear at the machine repeatedly and want to throw it out the window, or to check up on others.

Sadly this comes after a string of delays with team members leaving or vanishing, aswell as the prizes for the Future Tense II Competition.

With no recent communication with CecilZero (Stephen) if anything occurs with me either having to take a full stop from modding Future Tense or if I am admitted next week should these new drugs fail, all executive Future Tense decisions will fall with Taras (Mr. Vulcan) who I am now officially appointing as second in command in stephens absence from modding.

Will keep you posted and will keep posting here, but if for some reason i vanish one day, try not to be alarmed lol.

One request though - please stop posting nonrelated Future Tense posts, polls, et au in this forum!

Future Tense will continue regardless, and is rapidly approaching a completion stage with the races which will just leave AI, Missions and Map Units to be made and sorted out before we can start gunning for our predicted release date. :)

Of course if anyone wants to assist with Future Tense being that the staff numbers are down to three people then list your skills and I'll consider you. At the moment i'm after people that can create new and exciting special weapons for the Reman, Romulan and Klingon races, aswell as people that can program unique physics files :)

Will keep you updated, but if the lack of updates IE news, screenshots becomes a treckle over the next few weeks, you no in advance :)


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Post by Barty » Wed Jun 18, 2008 7:58 pm

wow. that sounds horrible man. well were pullin for ya. get better before you finish this mod

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Post by steviegirl » Thu Jun 19, 2008 5:53 am

Popped in to check out whats going on,and I see this.James chap5 works,(qoiting the bible),it comes to mind.I shall pray for you my friend.Also,take heed,this comes from a cancer surviver,and diabetic.1993 I was diagnosed with cancer.I did the cemo,and since 2003,I am considerd "cured".Now,2004,had a flew bug for 3 months.I couldn't take the pain(I was stuborn),so had my roomate run me to the hostpital.After it was all said and done,found out I was diabetic,and thats why I was soooo sick.Lo and behold,after that,The holy spirit led back to Cali.Keep in mind,when I moved,and drove accross the Arizona state line,I swore I would never go back to Cali.God has a sense of humer my friend.I am conserned about my kidnies,so,I have a kindred emotion to you.Its all right to be conserned,but God is in control!!Keep in mind,I am also conserned about my eye sight,heart,and feet,all things that are at risk,becouse of the diabeties!My eye sight is most important,for it goes,I won't beable to armada 1 or 2,witch would suck!!Pieace and Good tideings!

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