PUBLIC Future Tense Meeting. 25 - 27/07/08 + Presents!

30 Years after "Nemesis" The torch of adventure is about to be passed from the Next Generation to the New Generation on an all new Enterprise

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PUBLIC Future Tense Meeting. 25 - 27/07/08 + Presents!

Post by Phantom » Tue Jul 22, 2008 6:06 pm

Every so often I hold a Future Tense Public Meeting. Monthly a staff only meeting is held and beta is compiled and fort-monthly a beta is released for tests and so on and so forth, but more importantly, the project is given fresh new ideas and developments and we develop plans into reality and into the game. Currently a stormy development as seen in Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Voyager is currently in development as is a 'Titan'ic development After Earth map is under similar construction. A few hints there I'll see if you can grasp it's 'hidden meaning'.

Anyhow without leading to a tangent.

Every so often public meetings are held where a Future Tense meeting is carried out publically via MSN Messenger. It's purpose is to get public reactions to the MOD, get their insights, note any ideas and to answer questions the public 'may' have about the MOD. (Please note however that any question in regards to launch date will be ignored)

August marks Future Tense's 6th year in development! (Was commissioned on August 21st 2002) so look out for some 'aniversary' specials which 'may' include a few releases of exclusive content. More on that later and as with the 'release' date, questions of what the bonus content will be will be ignored.

So what will happen:

Future Tense Meetings usually last a couple of hours, and are organized to be timeframe specific. GMT is the focal point of times so you'll have to work backwards (or forwards) pending on your location depending on how many hours you are indifference with GMT.

The Meeting Times will be:


The 59's are to cover daylight savings and what not as we've had numerous problems in the past with that.

In Australia I think it works out to be around 7/8am. In America I think it starts from around 4pm but double check before hand obviously or you'll miss it :)

I'll be present as will Future Tense developers who are there too. Remember this is a two-way meeting, I want public feedback and ideas to aid in development and what the public want of Future Tense, and you will undoubtably want to know how far the project has come and how much development is needed :)

To join the meeting, email me at '' with your MSN username and what meeting you hope to attend, there are no restrictions so if you wanted you could attend all three if you have lots of input to give and recieve, and I'll add you as 'a friend'. All you need to do is ensure you are online at the time and at your keyboard and we'll go from there.

See ya soon. On a sidenote, will all Future Tense developers contact me in advance to the final meeting as to discuss current development and bug test reports, cheers


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