Future Tense Update November 2008 (Weapon Spoilers Included)

30 Years after "Nemesis" The torch of adventure is about to be passed from the Next Generation to the New Generation on an all new Enterprise

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Future Tense Update November 2008 (Weapon Spoilers Included)

Post by Phantom » Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:44 pm

Do you want the Good News or the Bad News

Good News

Future Tense is STILL in development...

Bad News

We created a bug whilst creating the AI feeds for the Borg and Federation. The bug crashes all loads mid-way. With the files replaced by the original back ups, the bug now crashes the Federation Fleet and prevents random Romulan weaponry from being used, even thought there are no bugs with them now the game is still crashing. With this in mind it has been deemed easier than rather than sit at the computer for hours and hours like we have been already, to start on a fresh install and place the new prototype units into the game, as well as the new GUI set up and other abilities.

At the moment the Federation are going in first. This will then be followed by the Borg. To ensure the same problem doesnt arise, the AI will be written coded and implemented at that point rather than having all six races up and running and end up with the same back log of problems.

There is good news with this however, the files are a lot easier for the audience to MOD and manage, with all Future Tense index files starting with FT as uppose to formats it was in the past, and map and label files clearly listing Future Tense modifications. Hopefully when Future Tense launches early 2009 people can look at the best bits, and spawn new mods from it (remember direct patches or add ons to Future Tense are not permitted)

Below is a complete Federation Special Weaponry List that have been short listed for the Federation Fleet in no particular order:

Sensor Jammer
Sensor Jammer Phaser
Stealth Systems
Temporal Displacement Wave
Phaser Spread
Photon Torpedo Spread
Photon Torpedo Burst
Quantum Torpedo Spread
Quantum Torpedo Burst
Chain-Reaction Pulsar
Duel Chain-Reaction Pulsar
Deflector Pulse
Deflector Burst
Photonic Canon
Static Warp Shell
Shield Remodulation Wave
Shield Recharge Cycle
Holographic Shock
Sensor Echoes
Subspace Probe
Tri-Cobalt Devices
Transphasic Torpedoes
Polorized Hull Plating
Proton Missile Launcher
Warpcore Overloader
Antimatter Mines
Gravity Mines
Self-Replicating Minefield
Subspace Distortion Field
Riker Manuvour
Photon Star-Fire
Multi Vector Assault Mode
Particle Canon
Shuttle Support Team
Shuttle Assault Team
Starship Abandon (Type 1, Sovereign Type)
Starship Abandon (Type 2, Defiant Type)
Auto-Destruct Matrix Trigger
Shield Boosters
Warp Drive
Transwarp Drive
Warp Five Engine
Computer Virus
KEP Canon
Sernaix Adaptive Shielding
Computer Overide
Point Defence Phaser
Anti-Matter Spread
Armor Plating
Cloak Dispersal Field
Photon Mines
Medical Teams
Delta Flyer Launcher

Some weapons are a little obvious as to what goes to where, EG the Delta Flyer will be Voyager Related and Multi-Vector will be Prometheus Related but that is a complete list of all Federation Weapons that'll be at hand for the Federation to use against their enemies... All 60 odd.......


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Post by Darklight » Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:25 pm

Some the Borg will learn using their technology assimilator weapon.
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Post by Phantom » Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:03 am


The other Races 'may' have variants of these weapons but for the most part each race will have unique special weaponry.


Too early to say, if they assimilate a ship then they'll intergrate the specials into their fleet, but they don't seem to like adapting to make their damage effects negligable so we'll see.


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